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Website SEO Grader and Keyword Tools

Website SEO Grader and keyword tools help you get a picture of how your site is performing, and better yet, how to help improve your site!  We cover 4 key tools you can use today… In this episode, I dive into what a SEO Grader tool is, what a Keyword tool is, and then the […]

What are Chatbots and How are They Being Used_-315

What are Chatbots and How are They Being Used?

As early as 2017, according to GetVoip, many businesses have started using a chatbot to communicate with customers. Companies that use this new feature find that it has helped grow their customer base, as well as their bottom line. As you will see, a chatbot has several abilities that allow companies improve their business, and […]

Hazel by Noodlesoft - Dashboard Cleaner and Automation Review

Hazel by Noodlesoft – Dashboard Cleaner and Automation Review

File maintenance on your computer can be a pain. Dragging and dropping, copying and pasting, organizing files, re-organizing, setting up hierarchies, and creating folders can take up time. Of course, not taking the time to organize can lead to even bigger headaches. Cluttered computers make finding rogue files through search or Spotlight challenging. Can you […]

Review of - 315

Review of

If you’ve done any sort of online marketing at all, chances are, you’ve heard of in some way. Whether it’s a good (or bad) review or using the platform yourself. You may wonder whether the platform is legitimate, or a scam that is too cheap for quality work. Here’s what you need to know: […]

Tools for Instagram - 315(1)

Tools for Instagram

Thought of as a platform for sharing inspirational experiences and quirky personal encounters, Instagram shouldn’t be overlooked by businesses! With more than 400 million monthly users it is a fast-growing social media platform with a number of new business features. To help your business get established on Instagram, and to manage your presence as it […]

What is Getpayever.com_315

What is

Small business owners already have a lot on their plate without worrying about their online store infrastructure or payment processor. Nagging issues, like these, can cause business owners to have time away from their most important tasks, like helping their clients. provides everything from A to Z you need to operate eCommerce successfully. Consider […]

Magnet Marketners: 9 Trends for Social Media in 2017

Stand Out on Social Media with Visual Content

Visuals are an essential part of the human experience, and you can see this in art throughout our history. The Internet has given us striking visuals and interactivity. Now it’s time to take this to social media. Adding visuals isn’t hard Don’t be intimidated by visual content. You don’t need to be a master of […]

Graava - The Ultimate Action Camera and Editing Solution

Graava – The Ultimate Action Camera and Editing Solution

Updated May 2018 Shooting hours of video of your buddies in action is fun, editing the video down to the highlights is hard. Introducing the Graava action cam, an alternative to GoPro cameras which gives you all the expected functionality of an auto-edit feature that does all the heavy lifting for you. What is Graava? […]

Instagram Stories 101: How To Use Instagram Stories to Market Your Product

Instagram Stories 101: How To Use Instagram Stories to Market Your Product

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to market your product. Social media is an excellent way to do this, but you probably have stuck with primarily Facebook and Twitter, right? There is another option that has really increased in value thanks to the release of Instagram Stories, a new feature of […]

review of slidebot io

Review of

There’s plenty of research out there that proves that to engage your audience, you need to find the magical, oft-times mythical balance between killer text and great graphics. Our review of and how to use this system to help you achieve that balance. People who search online not only expect great written content, they […]

The 5 Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers for Your Business - 315

The 5 Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers for Your Business

Cloud storage services are dime a dozen and most of them offer a tremendous amount of convenience and security for a low price. While some of them provide ample storage, others provide value-added features for a higher price. Security aspects are however paramount for cloud storage and some of the providers are good at providing […]

6 Ways to Use MailChimp to Benefit of Your Business - 315

6 Ways to Use MailChimp to Benefit of Your Business

Email marketing is definitely not dead. You need to optimize your efforts to reach more people and achieve better results. The question is, how do you do that? MailChimp offers a highly effective way to create email marketing campaigns that work for your business. Here are 6 ways you can make MailChimp Email Service work […]

What is Venngage Infographics Creator_ 315

What is Venngage Infographics Creator?

Venngage is an easy to use website where the most design-inept can create stylish content for websites, presentations, ads, social media use and much more. There are templates for a wide range of projects including infographics, reports, posters, promotions and social media images. Save yourself the frustration of learning to use complex design software, let […]

CoSchedule Plugin for WordPress: An Honest Review

CoSchedule Plugin for WordPress: An Honest Review

Managing to-do lists is challenging. From time to time, we fail to meet our deadlines because we didn’t plan properly or we forgot the task altogether. This is especially true when you have a lot of work, and you’re juggling multiple projects. With these issues, more professionals are using editorial calendars to help them stay […]

social media marketing world 2016

Social Media Marketing World 2016: Key Takeaways

  I just came back from Social Marketing World 2016, the largest social media conference in the world. It was a tremendous event with great speakers, tons of new information, networking and the sunshine of San Diego!   This is my 4th year attending, and I’ve met tremendous people from all over the world!  Business […]

Review of 315

Review of is a free Twitter and Facebook community manager that help’s users and businesses grow their followers with tools that streamline social media management. Here is a review of the app and some of its features. Relationship Management The app’s dashboard give you quite a bit of information. We’ll start by looking at one […]

Google Analytics Basics: Breaking it Down for ROI Tracking

Are you using Google Analytics on your website? Do you know the Google Analytics basics? Are you overwhelmed by all it’s features and options?  Still hopeful that you can actually use it for ROI Tracking of your online marketing efforts? There’s hope!  Google Analytics is a powerful and often overwhelming tool with loads of options. However, […]

Efficient Twitter Marketing with TweetJukeBox

Promotion and social media drive sales, making networks like Facebook and Twitter an invaluable part of any marketing plan. Of course, working with Twitter has a distinct downside—time. Sending out regular, relevant tweets takes a lot of time. You’ve automated your email marketing. You schedule your blog posts. Have you thought about adding some Twitter […]

What is DuetDisplay and How Do You Use It?

What is DuetDisplay and How Do You Use It?

Have you ever thought you needed more display real estate than just your laptop? Traveling with just a laptop can make your work harder if you are used to having a larger or multiple displays. If you have tried to extend your display to a mobile device over WiFi you know that there’s a frustrating […]

What is Slack

Team Communication Online: Slack is it!

Keeping your work team all going in the same direction can feel like herding cats at times. How do you keep everyone up-to-date efficiently and keep digital information flowing to all who “need-to-know” without flooding everyone’s email inbox and have files floating around in various emails but not centralized and easy to find. To solve […]