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Why you should use a VPN - Benefits of a Virtual Private Network

August 23, 2023
In today's digital world, so much of our lives have moved online. We do our banking, shopping, communicating, and entertainment browsing virtually. However, being online also means exposing ourselves to potential privacy and security risks. As we access public WiFi networks or use applications, our data, and online activities are at the mercy of hackers […]

Easy Methods to Change Your IP Address for Free in UK

July 24, 2023
Are you looking for ways to change your IP address for free in UK? Maybe you want to access content that is only available in certain countries or perhaps you're concerned about the safety and confidentiality of your internet activities. Whatever your reasons, there are several easy methods you can use to change your IP […]

How Early Vulnerability Detection in the SDLC Can Save Your Business

July 20, 2023
Learn how early vulnerability detection can end up protecting your applications, improve security, and reduce costs by integrating it into the Software Development Life Cycle  - SDLC. In this article, you’ll discover best practices regarding this strategy —  including conducting code reviews, integrating security measures into each phase, and utilizing automated tools like the ones […]

Tips for Detecting Data Leaks

July 19, 2023
In this blog post, we will explore the importance of a multifaceted approach to data leak detection and provide valuable tips for detecting data leaks, with a specific focus on the role of Network Access Control (NAC). We will also answer the question: “What is NAC?” Organizations face an increasing risk of data leaks, which […]

Achieving Cyber Resilience: The Crucial Importance of VPNs for Online Businesses

July 17, 2023
Over the past several years, there has been a surge of new digital companies emerging. Ambitious entrepreneurs the world over attempt to take advantage of the recent e-commerce boom. Given the expectation that online shopping will soon become the dominant model of consumption, it's clear that there is immense potential for business growth in the […]

How to Protect Your Semi-Truck and Its Cargo from Getting Stolen

July 7, 2023
Vehicles getting stolen in the United States are nothing new. While such incidents have seen a decline in the past, it seems that grand theft auto cases are rising again. According to Statista, the motor vehicle theft rate in the US has increased in the last two to three years. Besides cars and motorbikes, we […]

VPN vs Proxy: Which is Better for Streaming in Australia?

June 24, 2023
In this digital age, where entertainment is just a click away, streaming platforms like Hulu have become an integral part of our lives. However, if you're an Australian viewer craving access to Hulu's vast library, you might have encountered the frustrating message, "This content is not available in your region." But don’t worry, there are […]

How to Spot Financial Scams

May 27, 2023
In today's world, where financial transactions and investments have become increasingly complex, it is crucial to be aware of the risks posed by financial scams. Scammers are constantly devising new schemes to trick unsuspecting individuals and steal their hard-earned money. Falling victim to a financial scam can have devastating consequences, both financially and emotionally. That […]

Benefits of Using Facial and Voice Biometrics Identification

May 25, 2023
Artificial intelligence has continued to be a great tool that is increasing in usage for a variety of applications. While AI can be used for entertainment and creative purposes, it also has many commercial applications that can help improve security, efficiency, and other aspects of any organization. One way these tools can be used is […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Company's Security Posture and Incident Response Capabilities

March 29, 2023
It is crucial for businesses to maintain a strong security posture and incident response capabilities. Especially, as cyberattacks become more sophisticated. Sadly, many organizations lack the tools or knowledge necessary to put in place reliable security measures. This article will go over five suggestions for enhancing the security posture and incident response capabilities of your […]

Top 4 Video Analytics Companies in Singapore for Safety Monitoring

March 13, 2023
As technology advances, companies in Singapore are now looking for ways to enhance their industrial safety monitoring systems. One of the solutions that have been gaining popularity is video analytics. Video analytics is a technology that analyses surveillance footage in real-time and identifies potential hazards, allowing for quicker response times and improved safety measures. In […]

8 Ways to Know If Online Stores Are Safe and Legit

February 18, 2023
This article is going to offer you eight pieces of terrible advice, and then follow each piece up with the correct advice. This is because a lot of what you read online is wrong (shocker, right?). Online articles and videos give you advice about keeping safe when buying online, but scammers can read too, and […]

What to look for in a corporate security company

January 24, 2023
It's never easy to find help for your company, especially when looking for a corporate security company. Fortunately, the tips below can help you find the ideal security solution for your company. Knowing what to look for can help you hire a professional, corporate security service so you can protect what matters most - your […]

5 Ways Your Business Benefits From Custom Industrial Security Solutions

January 22, 2023
Security is an important aspect of any commercial space. It protects investments and other resources you utilize to run your operations. In most cases, you’ll find security systems in office complexes. However, does it mean other commercial spaces don’t need to invest in them? The answer is no. One of the commercial spaces often left […]

The Danger of Ignoring Security Compliance Protocols When Hiring Third-Party Vendors and How to Make Sure You're Not at Risk

January 7, 2023
As more organizations move towards cloud migrations and the use of third-party vendors, it has become more critical than ever to pay attention to security compliance protocols. It's vital that organizations understand potential pitfalls associated with data collection and storage off-premises when moving data to the cloud or becoming more dependent on managed services or […]

Cloud Storage For Your Enterprise: How Big Of A Risk Are You Taking By Going With Cloud?

November 17, 2022
More improved technologies are emerging in the business landscape today, bringing innovation and spearheading growth. Notably, cloud storage has become increasingly popular among enterprises. Business owners are looking to leverage cloud servers' powerful capabilities to improve efficiency in data storage and file sharing. According to Gartner, 51% of IT spending on specific market segments, such […]

Stopping Stalkers - How Counter Surveillance Can Help

November 6, 2022
Stalkers are relentless, often fixated individuals who target their victims through a pattern of harassment and intrusive behavior. While most stalking cases don't involve violence, the fear of what the stalker may do if it can't be stopped can be overwhelming. Victims of stalking often feel like they're being watched constantly and may even start […]

How to Prevent Cash Theft From Your Business

October 24, 2022
You might think that it will never happen to you, but theft in the workplace does happen. It is a major cause for concern. Internal employee theft is a very serious issue and you need to know how to manage it before it happens. This post will tell you all that you need to know […]

6 Business Protection Protocols To Implement In 2023

October 13, 2022
No matter the size, scale, or nature of your enterprise, taking the appropriate security precautions to keep your business secure is important. Whether it is to keep your customers and employees safe from criminals and intruders, prevent theft or ensure our inventory is secure, implementing the appropriate business protection protocols is a must for businesses […]

Tips on How To Secure Your Home While on Vacation

October 2, 2022
Many people save up for months in preparation for their next vacation. It's the perfect way to take a break from your job and family for a few days. However, don't let your eagerness for a getaway make you disregard the risks of leaving your house unguarded. You can spend the weekend at the beach, […]
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