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UPDATE 2021: is moving to Promo as of July 2021.

Video marketing is in overdrive. In a January 2018 HubSpot study, 97% of marketers said video marketing has helped increase user understanding of their products and services. Up to 76% also said that videos have helped them increase sales. Here are some of the reasons you should prioritize video in 2019.

You can take your video marketing game to the next level with A cloud-based visual content creation tool optimized for personal and business use. is a suite of innovative applications that make it possible to effortlessly create and publish stunning videos and video slideshows. videos can be created on both desktop and mobile as the platform has a mobile app. Videos can be published on your website as well as all the major social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It doesn’t end there. With the aid of the platform's style templates and arts, users can create beautiful collages and galleries to share with their audiences. You can also incorporate licensed music into your videos.

How Would a Digital Marketer Benefit From All These?

Create Exceptional Marketing Videos has a special service known as PROMO designed to help businesses produce and publish quality commercial videos and supporting content for marketing campaigns. PROMO currently gives you access to 12+ million video clips plus professionally edited music to give you a head start on your next video marketing project. You can use these resources to create product teasers, drive traffic to a website, spread brand awareness, and reduce cost per click.

Capture Photos and Sequences

Successful digital marketing now hinges on personal reviews and experiences. Over 84% of consumers say they trust personal stories more than branding messages. allows you to create personal stories with photos and sequences and share these with your audience. Additionally, as videos are captured (on phone or any other device) awesome effects and fun stickers can be added to make them more engaging.

Create Amazing Collages and Photo Galleries

Collages and video galleries can boost user engagement especially in image-reliant industries like real estate and hotels. When you have stunning galleries for your audience to look at, they’ll stay on your website longer. Thus increasing the probability of conversion. allows you to create the perfect collages and photo galleries and convert them into video slideshows and animated photo galleries.

Share your Videos and Slideshows Far and Wide

After creating beautiful videos and captivating slideshows, you can easily publish them on multiple platforms. Publish your posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also publish photos on your website. Above all, the best part is – all the videos you create remain yours forever. You get a lifetime license for each of the creations!

Customer Support

User support on is fantastic. First, all members have access to a Video Marketing Resources section where you’ll find endless tutorials and videos. These resources help you master not just the platform but video marketing in general. Additionally, paying users have access to email, live chat, and 24/7 phone support.

Pricing has two broad payment categories, monthly and annual, each comprising four plans; Basic, Plus, Pro, and Agency. In the monthly category, the Basic Plan is priced at $49/month. Plus is priced at $99/month, Pro costs $199/month, and Agency costs $359/month. In the Annual category, the Basic Plan costs $39, Plus costs $69/month, Pro costs $139/month, and Agency is priced at $249/month. Monthly plans are billed per month while annual plans are billed per year.


Videos will improve the engagement with your brand and your sales, is a convenient, easy to use way to create marketing videos for your business.

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