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Trusted by more than 25,000 course-creators and millions of learners, Thinkific is becoming one of the most popular online course creation platforms worldwide. Whether you’re educating ten or 10 million students, this online courses tool gives you all the tools and support needed to deliver your learning material confidently on the web.

Easily Create and Deliver Branded Courses

A common issue with online learning platforms is that it takes lots of work to make learning material available to your students. Thinkific has removed most obstacles, making it impressively easy to create and deliver your courses. Among other things, you get to;

  • Quickly build rich-media courses
    Create and upload PDF, text, HTML, audio, video, voice-over-slide presentations, quizzes, surveys, downloadable attachments, or any other content types to build media-rich courses for an incredible learning experience.
  • Retain full ownership of your courses
    Worried about someone snooping on your videos or stealing your content? Not on Thinkific. On this platform, you’ll be in total control of student data and all course material.
  • Customize your site to match your branding needs
    Thinkific gives you the freedom to incorporate your logos, banners, and color schemes (while enjoying secure HTML and CSS) so you can build a compelling site for your courses.
  • Monitor and Support Learners Every Step of the Way
    After you’ve made learning material available on your site, Thinkific then gives you an array of tools to closely monitor and assist your students at every turn for a more rewarding coach-learner relationship.
  • Effectively communicate with learners
    Using customized emails, you can develop personal touch points and cultivate an engaged community with interactive discussions.
  • Monitor student progress with ease
    Keep track of individual and group completion rates, generate progress reports, identify opportunities for improvement, and send email reminders to motivate students to put more effort.
  • Build learner incentives into your courses
    To further motivate students, you can also create incentives such as a Certificate of Completion which is automatically generated upon successful completion of a course.

In Addition to You Have Access to:

  • Market and Sell Your Courses Like a Pro
    If marketing is your primary concern, Thinkific has got you covered. The platform’s marketing tools make it easy to reach your target audiences, break into new markets, and promote your courses as an expert.
  • Put content promotion on autopilot
    Thanks to the platform’s drip scheduler, you can set up highly targeted campaigns. Therefore sending the right emails to the right people at the right times.
  • Price your courses as you wish
    Do you want to provide the courses for free or are you looking to charge a free? The choice is yours. Thinkific supports single-priced course plans, bundled offers, monthly subscriptions, free trials, coupons, and everything in between.
  • Select from a range of payment options
    Purchases are deposited in your merchant account as soon as the first student enrolls. Alternatively, select from over 100 globally recognized payment gateways including Stripe, Zapier, and PayPal.

Enjoy Round-the-Clock Support and Top-Level Web Security

Thinkific is PCI compliant, SSL-enabled, and uses secure cloud hosting with daily backups to ensure that client content is safe at all times. For complete peace of mind, users are also guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 24/7 monitoring, and instant access to updates.

Scale Up at Your Own Pace

When you first sign up with Thinkific, you’re enrolled in the Starter plan. In this plan, you get to enjoy a large array of features FREE of charge. Then, once you’re ready to commit financially, you can pick from 3 different plans. The choices are the Essentials plan ($49 per month), Business plan ($99 per month), or Advanced plan ($279 per month).  All in all, Thinkific is a powerhouse platform. Offering a great value for businesses and individuals wanting to get paid for training courses online. It’s fairly simple to use and gives you the features needed to set up, market, and deliver a value-adding online course.


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