Tockify Calendar for Your Website

Tockify Calendar for Your Website-315Online calendars make a lot of sense for many businesses. But it can be a frustrating task to get an attractive and user-friendly calendar. Many sites have calendars that don't meet their viewer's needs or looks unprofessional. Tockify helps you solve this dilemma with a versatile calendar that makes it a snap to post your schedule and upcoming events.

Tockify's Primary Features

Sometimes you find a calendar plugin that looks amazing, but it's restricted to a particular content management system. Thankfully, Tockify works on any site and adding it takes only a few minutes. If you decide to change to a different content management system or website service in the future, bring your calendar along and you don't need to make changes.

You get 3 layout options: traditional calendar, agenda, and pinboard. Each has areas where they excel. However, you will need to experiment with them to see which one works the best for your needs. Some example use cases include:

  • A pinboard for a school's upcoming concert schedule
  • An agenda for a business conference
  • A traditional calendar for a regular weekly meeting for a networking group or scout troop

Tockify gives you full control over the appearance of your calendar. As a result, you don't have to add a design that clashes with the rest of your website.

If you already use Google Calendar, Tockify integrates with the service. You don't have to re-enter events already on Google. Everything stays up to date seamlessly after you get it set up. In addition, it also works well with Apple's iCalendar.

Power User Features

Tockify doesn't skimp on the features designed for people who want to get more out of their calendar solution. Add ticket buttons and RSVPs to events. Allow your visitors to add community submitted events. Create recurring events, and integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos. Attach files and documents to your event and even put in custom fonts.

Tockify combines user-friendly implementation with a professional and powerful online calendar solution. Therefore, you have the flexibility you need to make it match your site. It moves away from traditional calendar solutions through a platform agnostic approach. Any website can benefit from adding a Tockify calendar.

Have a need to keep your clients/audience/community up to date?  Are you needing a more robust set of tools for registrations and RSVPs?  Tockify might very well be the web tool your site needs!


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