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One of the hardest parts of running a business is proper staffing. If you need a specific number of people to staff a floor or cover patients scheduling can be quite a challenge as there's only so many people to go around.

Inconsistent staffing can be very damaging to a business's reputation and bottom line. This can include not knowing who's scheduled to come in, not being able to give sick days, unclear scheduling, shift conflicts, and paying overtime because people weren’t scheduled correctly.

Sling helps keep scheduling in order with a variety of useful features.  Sling has a robust free version and is available on the web, iOS, and Android.

Sling’s Features

  • Scheduling

    Sling takes the headaches out of managing your employees’ schedule. If you’ve ever tried to create a work schedule, you'll know the difficulties in keeping track of sick days, vacations, people randomly missing work, and general coverage.

    Sling keeps track of all of this and lets employees trade shifts informs you of shift overlaps, gives conflict warnings, and allows employees to sign up for open shifts. Sling lets you create templates and employees can access their schedules so they can make changes, trade shifts in real time, and update you as needed.

  • Time Tracking

    Timecards are one of the more annoying aspects of hourly work for both managers and the employees. Employees may not be good at tracking their time, forget to punch in or forget to punch out for breaks. Therefore, Sling reduces these annoyances.

    Smartphone-enabled, your employees can easily track their time in the app. It will punch them out if they forget. From the management side, you can adjust settings so timecards can only be punched in a certain geographical area, receive alerts when people are late, and export time cards for payroll purposes.

  • Labor Cost Calculations

    Sling keeps track of employee wages and tracks how much each day costs in terms of employee payroll. Bad expense budgeting is one of the key reasons many businesses fall on hard times.

    Sling can produce detailed reports to track expenses closely and issue warnings for unplanned overtime. Poor scheduling can create a lot of overtime simply by not having employees when they're needed. Thus Sling helps prevent this staff mismanagement.

  • Other Sling Features

    Sling also includes a messaging system for individuals or groups, a tasks list, and a news feed to keep employees informed. All of this in one tool can help a business stay organized, keep everyone informed, and promote good communication.

Final Thoughts

Good employee management is essential for a prosperous business and it's often overlooked. Many times it's not due to lack of employees but challenging schedule management. This leads to unneeded overtime and a frustrated workforce. With Sling, scheduling becomes easy and organized, reducing frustration and expense.

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