How Does YouTube Live Work_

How Does YouTube Live Work?

With all the Live video options, which one do you use? Learn how YouTube live works to decide if it is right for you and your business.

Instagram’s Algorithm for the Feed Demystified

Are you wanting to know how the Instagram Algorithm really works and how you can know what posts you share for your business really matter? In this episode we look at the information a group of reporters where able to glean from direct access to the Instagram team all related to demystifying the Instagram Algorithm. […]

Running for a Cause: Iraq Marathon to Rebuild Homes

The Iraq Marathon Fundraiser Quick Snapshot I’m running 26.2 miles in a race in Iraq this October I’m raising funds for families that had their homes destroyed by ISIS in the greater Mosul area of northern Iraq It takes about $2800 to repair a home and my goal is to rebuild at least 2 homes: […]

The Drive That Gets Us Going

Motivation may be a basic concept, but it can be seen as the most crucial step toward completing any task. Motivation can also be viewed as a cycle, starting with thoughts that influence our behavior, which results in performance that affects our thoughts. Although there are various theories about motivation and its connections, most of […]

4 Ways to Create More Productive Employees

  If you are a manager of any business, one of your main responsibilities is to inspire others to be the very best version of themselves. If done properly, everyone on your team will become more efficient, productive and happier with their jobs. One of the biggest challenges – especially for those new to the […]


Recent Social Media and Facebook Updates Through June 14th

I’ve compiled the most the most recent social media updates so you don’t have to go site to site to learn about them.


4 Online Free Tools to Scan Website Security Vulnerabilities & Malware

As a business owner, website security is of top concern. These 4 free online tools will help you protect your website investment and your customer’s data.

Ingredients that Make a Great Leader

What makes a great leader? There are definitely key ingredients that a great leader exemplifies in business. There are also different adjectives you can use to describe a good leader.  Some include: Decisive, intelligent, driven, focused, and so on. However, a good leader has to be more than someone who says the right things. The […]


How To Keep Your Startup Safe From Cyberattacks and Protect Customer Data

If you collect customer data on your website, you need to have security measures in place. If your site gets hacked, these 4 strategies will help you protect customer data.


SiteGround vs WPEngine vs Liquid Web

Choosing hosting for your website can be tricky. We review hosting pros and cons of SiteGround vs WPEngine vs Liquid Web. Use these tips to make an informed decision on web hosting depending on your needs.