First Impression Matters: How to Increase Your Online Conversion

First Impression Matters: How to Increase Your Online Conversion In a related article about signs for small businesses, it was mentioned how your business’s signage is the first thing the customer sees before entering the store or premises. Often times, customers choose to walk in because they find the signage interesting. Yes, first impressions do matter, especially […]

8 Lead Capture Free Offer Ideas for Growing Website Leads

It’s all about growing website leads in the online world! Traffic on a site needs to have a conversion percentage…a certain percent that move on to become leads and customers.  This isn’t just for e-commerce sites, but for any site that ultimately offers a product or service.  You need to have a strategy for lead […]

Effective Ways to Use Video in Your Business

Are you using video to its full potential? Unfortunately, most organizations are not and they never get to benefit from this technology in the way they should. However, once you are aware of the different ways you can use video, it has the potential to change the fortunes of your business in many different ways. […]

Review of SurveyAnyplace

Review of SurveyAnyplace

There’s no denying that market feedback is just as important as ever. Companies still need to get insight into their customers and prospective customers thoughts. The more you know, the better you’re positioned to deliver exactly what your customers want. The good news is that technology has stepped up to the plate. It’s easy to […]

5 WordPress Plugins That Will Make Marketing Easier

5 WordPress Plugins That Will Make Marketing Easier

If your website is managed in WordPress, you will already know what a great CMS it is thanks to all of the free plugins and themes that are on offer. What you may not know about WordPress is that it is the perfect CMS to market from because of all the free marketing plugins that […]

This week in Social Media March 16th

This Week in Social Media: March 16, 2017

Facebook Facebook Live additional capabilities You can now go “Live” on a friend’s profile. Here’s how … Go to their page and click to write on their timeline, then select “go live”. From there you can invite others to join in and watch you. Not sure what Facebook has planned for the future of this […]

What is Google AMP_

What is Google AMP?

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as Google AMP, is a relatively new framework by Google that focuses on mobile content. When you follow this open-source standard, your website page content loads immediately on mobile platforms for the best quality mobile user experience.  With more web users using mobile devices to surf than desktop, it’s […]

5 Keys to Improve Email Open Rates

Getting your email marketing content setup is not the end of your work.  Ensuring that the greatest potential possible OPEN the email is critical and you MUST spend time to improve email open rates. Are you using email marketing or automated email nurture campaigns?  HINT: You should be! A key for email marketing is the open […]

5 Ways for Non-Profits to Grow their Email List

5 Ways for Non-Profits to Grow their Email List

For all kinds of websites, businesses, and products, email lists are proven to be one of the best marketing tools available. With an email list, you can bring people back to your website and introduce new products or services. It’s a great way to stay in touch with people and increase your reputation. Below, you […]

This week in social media

This Week in Social Media: March 2, 2017

Facebook you’re killlling me! Last year Facebook published a survey that said 80% of the respondents react negatively when the sound plays automatically. “In mobile-feed environments, people prefer having the choice to opt into sound. Our research found that when feed-based mobile video ads play loudly when people aren’t expecting it, 80% react negatively, both […]