7 Tips for Productive Online Writing Process

The simple dream of most writers is being able to write more. Many writers aspire to write more and with effort. However, not only authors and proficient writers desire for this. There are various marketing roles which require one to polish their writing skills at some point or another. The worst thing in writing is […]

Creating Low Cost Videos for Lead Generation

Simple videos can be powerful for lead generation. Videos of any type, even low cost videos for lead generation, can be a scary thought for many small businesses but they truly are “doable” for nearly all businesses.  The KEY is that you need to have a plan! It does not need to require a professional […]

Mobile safety: 5 signs your phone has malware

Smartphones have become a must-have commodity to every user in the present day. Moreover, with the increasing advancements in the smartphone industry, new malware attacks are also on the high. Malware and other viruses are known to be relentless for their attacks on phones; they will always cause you a series of damage. Of course, […]


YouTube vs Vimeo: What Video platform should your business use?

YouTube vs Vimeo which platform should you choose for your business video marketing? Depends on your business goals. Here are pros/cons to help you choose.

Social Network Elite Review: Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

Social Network Elite is a newer business tool for Instagram. If your business hasn’t been serious about Instagram as a sales and marketing channel, it is high time you get serious! No, Instagram isn’t just a place where millennials post pics about their vacation and food pics. It has evolved into a marketing powerhouse in […]

Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Events

Photo by Andrew Neel / The Unsplash License Planning an event can mean long, brutal days and nights. You don’t want all your energy to go to waste if few people show up and your hard work goes down the drain. Avoid those rookie mistakes and make sure you are managing your social media in […]

Social Media Updates February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!  On this day of love we share the love about some great new social media updates you need to know about!   Linkedin LinkedIn Live Debuts Let’s dig into the biggest recent news…. LinkedIn is launching a live video option!  This will give people and organizations the ability to broadcast real-time video […]

Can You Earn Media Coverage Without Using Newswire PR Services?

Everyone is aware that using newswire PR services can help companies earn media coverage. But it is not the only way to get mentions or publicity. Newswires can get your news in front of your target press, however, it costs a substantial fee. What if your company cannot afford extra money to pay for these […]


Create a Business Job Openings Area on your Website with WP Job Manager

Get the word out on job openings at your company. WP job manager is a great plugin for your WordPress website. Learn how easy and convenient it is to use.

5 Tips To Help You Improve Your Business

Your business is highly important a lot to you, but maybe you aren’t sure how to proceed and create a brighter future for yourself. To do so, you have to be willing to put forth an extra effort and diligently work on improving how you currently operate. The following five tips are going to help […]