How Does a Small Radio Business Make Profit?

First, small radio businesses make a profit by relaying advertisement messages to their listeners. Normally, such radio businesses have small groups of loyal listeners who belong to specific geographical areas. The stations manage to build such listenership groups because they communicate in vernacular languages and air their programs to small areas. Advertisers who would like […]

Facebook Changes, Instagram New Features, YouTube Stories: Social Media Updates

Christmas is just over a week away! Here are some of the latest social media updates you should know about through December 13, 2018. Share Collections On Facebook Facebook is rolling out a new feature which allows users to share a collection of posts, videos, Marketplace listings or ads. This new feature is perfect for […]


7 Best Text Message Marketing Software Tools for 2019

If you’re considering adding a text message marketing to your overall digital marketing plan, here are top SMS marketing software to consider.

Becoming a Blogger: A Guide for Serious Beginners in 2019

Becoming a blogger means taking on all the rules of any traditional publication and committing to it full-time, even if you don’t see a financial return for years. It is a complete passion project, and very few succeed at it enough to see any results. Persevere, however, and you can become a huge digital hit. […]


7 Tips to Capture More Leads on Your Website

Does your website encourage visitor interaction and engagement? Use these 7 tips to successfully generate more leads from your website content.

Which Brands Have The Best Social Media Marketing?

We have always witnessed and admired huge marketing campaigns from global top-most brands like Apple, Pepsi, Adidas and Coca Cola among others. These market leaders invest millions of dollars on viral commercials, and influencer marketing that never goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, not every brand has the financial muscles to compete with the giants. But, no need […]

3 Types of Live Videos Businesses Should Start to Produce

Live videos are one of the biggest trends to hit social media in recent years. To say they are popular would be an understatement, as live videos have a wider reach, get more viewers, and are able to keep viewers watching for longer. Suffice to say no business can afford to ignore live videos, and […]

Instagram Account Checkup-315

Instagram Account Checkup

Are your posts performing well on your Instagram business account? Get an Instagram account checkup from Union Metrics. A look at the free and paid options.

A 7-Step-Guide to Running Instagram Contests

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram presence, you can get free Instagram followers by running a contest. Here are tips on running a great contest.

Using Real People In Your Marketing Campaign

 Photo by Sebastian Voortman // CC0 1.0  Marketing is tricky. You have to create your brand’s voice and talk to your audience, to make a connection and let them talk back. Authenticity is a major value for the consumers of today. It is no longer enough to stuff an advertising message down someone’s throat until […]