Create a Business Job Openings Area on your Website with WP Job Manager


Company website job boards have become a common method businesses use to list openings and find interested potential employees. Programming a job board and adding it to your website used to be a formidable undertaking. WordPress Job Manager is a plugin for WordPress based websites that adds a feature-rich and easy to use job openings board to your site. Not only does WP Job Manager take the work out of programming your own job board, but it is also easy to use and maintain by HR or company administrative personnel, has several useful features, and it doesn't conflict with your website’s theme or layout.

Useful Website Job Listing Features

WordPress Job Manager has several features that make an easy to use job board solution. Some of these features you'll like include it's an easy-to-use interface, employer tools, search tools for users on the website. In addition, you'll find customization tools that allow you to modify your board to fit your company needs.

Job Manager User Interface

WordPress Job Manager is a lightweight and easy to use plugin. If you're using it you’ll immediately recognize the user interface as it makes use of the WordPress UI making for a plugin that blends in well with your site and its current material. This makes searching your job listings easier for visitors as there is no learning curve due to it using a familiar format. This UI choice reduces visitor frustration and increases engagement.

Front End Usability

WP Job Manager gives employers the opportunity to list their own jobs. This listing tool is simple and easy to use. An employer can fill out the job description, details, and other relevant information. Then complete it with an associated email or means of contact where interested readers can use to apply. After being given a preview the listing can be edited or sent for approval before getting posted on the job board. Giving employers the ability to edit and write their own job listings makes the job board easier to use and navigate for an easier hiring process.


Filtering tools make searching your job listings easier for visitors searching job listings on your website. WP Job Manager’s filtering tool can search by keywords, location, category, and the job type. In addition to this, an RSS subscription tool is also included for visitors to follow a specific feed to fit their employment needs. These search tools make navigating your job board easier and make it more attractive to 3rd party companies and those looking for work.


WordPress Job Manager is designed to be flexible. It can be modified with various items including templates, and customized postings. This means you can modify your job board to fit specific needs. And therefore to match the overall theme of your website.

Why Use WordPress Job Manager

WP Job Manager offers an easy to use and practical solution if your WordPress site needs a job board. It’s also a versatile solution because you can use it as a job board for just your company or if you’re doing business with other companies they can also make use of your board through their own accounts. Saving you all the work, time, and money of coding and programming a job board on your own. As well, still giving you the ability to make modifications to fit your needs. No matter what job you're looking to list, WP Job Manager can help you do it!

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