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Contracted by over 210,000 companies from 65+ countries and used at least 10 million times every single day (according to Magento), has carved a name as one of the best consumer review platforms globally. Such is the authority of the platform 83% of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase if a company has a positive review on Trustpilot.

Warming up to the platform? The following is a quick overview to help you decide whether it would be a worthwhile addition to your digital marketing arsenal.

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a consumer review management platform. Connecting businesses to consumers with the sole aim of building trust and transparency between the two sides.

How it Works

You begin by creating a Trustpilot account and linking your website or e-commerce store to the account. With that done, whenever a consumer makes a purchase, Trustpilot follows up to have that consumer rate you and leave a short description of the experience.

Every subscribing business has access to a dashboard with a clear, statistical overview of how your business is performing in terms of Trust Score which is the platform’s unit of measurement. Thus the higher the Trust Score, the better off your business is.

You have the ability to manage reviews in different ways. For instance, the reviews are sorted by rating, but you can search for a specific review by username, reference number (if you require it) or email. Date, tag, and reply status filters are available to help refine searches.  Paying users can also publish reviews and even invite favorite customers to review their businesses.

Other than that, reporting is excellent and reliable. You can schedule daily reports to track your progress. Or, for more details, visit the analytics section to print a 28-day report. Support is also reliable. Clients can contact the customer service desk via phone, email, live support, or tickets.

Key Features of Trustpilot

  • Seller ratings and gold stars in SERPs and AdWords
  • Trust Boxes available to help showcase ratings and reviews
  • Trustpilot logo and icons to boost credibility
  • Built-in split testing
  • Google rich snippet stars
  • Review notifications
  • Reviews export capability
  • Multi-user access
  • Third-party integration

What are the Benefits of Trustpilot?

Trustpilot comes with a chain of benefits for both consumers and businesses. Consumers get a place where they can pour out their hearts and share experiences about the businesses they buy from.  It’s a legit venue with respect. Reviews are taken seriously.

Businesses, on their part, benefit from authentic user feedback and the tools of the system.

Use feedback to:

Improve SEO

User-generated content now plays a huge role in search engine ranking. A high number of positive reviews on can help you rank better.

Improve user experience

Businesses can analyze the data gathered from Trustpilot to discover ways to improve products, services, and user experience in general.

Drive traffic

Seller ratings and stars extensions on Google, Bing, and Yahoo have been shown to boost traffic.

Increase Conversions

A high Trust Score and star rating on the platform increases conversions while reducing bounce rates.

Build your reputation

Thousands of positive reviews on your profile would instantly send the message that you’re the right company to do business with.


All new Trustpilot users qualify for a FREE 30-day trial period beyond which three premium plans are available. Lite (Starting at $299/month), Pro (Starting at $549/month), and Enterprise (Prices determined on a case by case basis). There is also a basic “free for life” plan that allows the basic feature of collecting and responding to user reviews.  Additionally, all paid plans are billed annually.

Is Trustpilot Worth a Try?

Absolutely! Reviews are now a big thing. Trustpilot is built to help businesses of all kinds professionally generate, manage, and leverage reviews to boost profitability and spur growth.

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