What is Streak for Gmail?

What is Streak for Gmail-315Marketing may sometimes feel like a field that relies on instinct and an unidentifiable charisma that the most successful marketers have. But the truth is, data and research are just as important in marketing as they are in discovering if the universe is made of wiggles or what cooking temperature makes the best souffle. You can apply intelligent methods to your digital marketing quickly and inexpensively with the Streak Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

What Is Streak CRM?

The primary goal of Streak is to allow organizations to collect concrete data about the success of their individual email sends.  Yes, track when an email sent via Gmail is opened by a user! In the process of organizing your email data for use, Streak also makes it easier to manage your email campaigns since it integrates directly into Gmail.

How Does Streak Work?

Once you install Streak with the easy one-click installer, it becomes embedded within your Gmail experience. A quick guided tour will introduce you to the core elements of pipelines and email chains.

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Creating an email chain is as simple as adding the tracking option when you send out the message. Pipelines are frameworks that detail the expected flow of tasks that you would accomplish via email.

This could include business tasks like hiring and bug tracking or personal tasks such as a job search or event planning. The default pipelines contain key steps in the process and data fields related to the task.

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If you scroll down the sidebar where your email categories normally are, you can you can quickly make a new pipeline using one of the pre-made templates. Here's the basic look of the job search pipeline.

What is Streak for Gmail-3Once the pipeline is created, begin adding email chains, assigning the chain to the appropriate step in the process. From there, you can add information like the company name, the position you're applying for, and other important notes. If you decide to track another field or step, quickly add it to the existing pipeline scheme or create an entirely new pipeline from scratch.

You can share access to pipelines with your team, granting access to the associated email to facilitate easy collaboration. Whether it's helping your kid through their first job search or sharing bug data with a development team.

Sign up for the 14-day trial or pay for the monthly subscription. Then begin seeing the true power of Streak CRM's analytics.

Analytics You'll be able to know

  • Who read emails
  • When they read them
  • The devices they used to read them
  • Where they read it

All of this data can be used in Streak CRM to help your team decide how to manage the email campaign or be shipped out to other software via the API.

Is Streak Worth the Cost?

Streak CRM is quick to setup.  Put CRM capabilities in the hands of your marketing team with just a few minutes of training. For freelancers, individuals, and small businesses, the free account is robust enough to potentially cover your needs. You get 200 tracked email per month and access to most of the analytical and management tools.

At $39 a month, small to medium businesses can turn up the impact of their email marketing campaigns. Additionally, you can improve customer service responsiveness and effectively organize complex scheduling needs. At the very least, get your marketing team to try out the 14-day trial to see if it improves your business.


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