What is Time Tracking and What Can You Use It For?

What is Time Tracking and What Can You Use It For-315-2Payroll is always challenging. After all, you're dealing with someone's bread and butter. While the switch from paper timesheets and excel spreadsheets to digital time tracking has certainly made things easier, there's a way to take things further and streamline the process even further online.


Toggl offers an upgrade to the usual time tracking software. With a simple to navigate website and lots of resources and support, Toggl manages your time quickly and easily. Toggl's time tracking software offers the following benefits to your business:

Removes the Guesswork

How much time did your employees spend on that last project? Time tracking software not only tells you the amount of time being spent, it tells you where you're spending that time. Are you spending hours checking your emails when you could get more done on other tasks? You may not think you are, but with time tracking, however, you get an accurate reflection of how you spend your time.


Maybe you aren't as productive as you think you should be. Having an accurate record of the activities in your organization pushes you to confront where you may be lacking. For example, recording the time spent doing tasks motivates you to stay on task. If you are constantly distracted or multitasking, you'll see where you could shave down the time wasted.

Business Tools

With Toggl, you get more than software. has a wealth of resources geared toward business users.

  • Press Release Templates
  • Overtime Calculator
  • Information on Development Tools


Increased accountability also ties into more stringent reporting. Toggl allows you to see and organize your data for a better understanding of the way time is used in your organization as well as how you can boost efficiency.

Know What to Charge

Are you charging your clients appropriately? To receive fair compensation for your work, you must have accurate records. If you are charging hourly, Toggl can track and calculate your billable hours. You can then multiply the billable hours by your rate for an accurate charge.

Blog - Toggl's blog is an excellent source of information, news, and suggestions on using the software. As a bonus, there are many helpful blog posts on additional business-related topics.

Linux and Mac

If you aren't using Windows, Toggl is available for the Linux and Mac operating systems, making it available on all major operating systems.

Mobile Availability

Toggl is free on iPhone and Android with a solid app that helps you on-the-go on your smartphone.

With Toggl, you can take back control over your time. Try it out.

Want to go deeper?  Try this thorough review of Toggl.


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