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Create a Business Job Openings Area on your Website with WP Job Manager

Get the word out on job openings at your company. WP job manager is a great plugin for your WordPress website. Learn how easy and convenient it is to use.


TurboTax vs H&R Block online vs Tax Act

Doing your taxes online? TurboTax vs H&R Block online vs Tax Act are big 3. Here's a breakdown of each so you can determine which one is right for you.


Facebook Portal Review and Business Uses

Facebook Portal is a video communication device. Great for video conferencing and engagement. You can use it at home too. See if it's right for you.


Website Builders: WordPress vs Squarespace

Need a website for your small business? WordPress vs Squarespace a review of cost, design, ease of use, ecommerce and more so you can make the right choice.

Slide.ly_-A-Video-Software-Tool-315 A Video Software Tool

Start prioritizing video for your business. is a video software tool that makes creating marketing videos easier. Here are the benefits.


Drift App for Instant Chat Service on your Website

To keep competitive in online business, consider an instant chat service on your website. We briefly review Drift app. See if it's a fit for your business.


Sling: Employee Scheduling Made Easy

Scheduling employees is challenging. Sling for employee scheduling can save you time, labor costs and help with payroll and time tracking.


Who’s The Best Payroll Provider for 2018?

Looking to outsource payroll for your small business? Look for these 4 features when selecting a payroll provider. Here we review a few top providers.


Stripe Billing: Simple Invoicing for Small Business

Stripe, launched a new product, Stripe Billing, to simplify recurring billing. Here’s what you need to know about Stripe Billing platform.


Thinkific: Online System for Creating, Selling, and Delivering Online Courses

Offering online courses is a great way to generate leads and earn some easy income. Consider Thinkific for delivering your online courses. The platform offers many advantages from easy creation and delivery, custom course marketing resources and you own all your content. Project and Task Management (3) Project and Task Management

Keeping your teams organized can be a challenging task. eliminates frustration. Keep on top of your project and task management using email. It also comes with lots of other collaborative features and a mobile app for easy access on the go. Image Maker image maker streamlines the process of creating images. It includes lots of user-friendly features that allow you to quickly create the digital assets you need to support your social media marketing efforts.

Tockify Calendar for Your Website-315

Tockify Calendar for Your Website

Need a calendar tool for your website? Tockify Calendar is worth checking out. We review the app and its flexible features.You can even try it for free.

What is Synup and How is it Used-315

What is Synup and How is it Used?

Want to make sure your business is found by locals? Try Synup! It monitors and updates your business directory listings.

What is Rerun App and How Do You Use It-315

What is Rerun App and How Do You Use It?

What is Rerun App? Rerun is a unique billing and invoicing software for small and mid-sized businesses. Learn what it can do and how to use it.

What is Time Tracking and What Can You Use It For-315-2

What is Time Tracking and What Can You Use It For?

For freelancers and WAH employees time tracking can be such a pain. We review time tracking service that makes time tracking a breeze!

What is Streak for Gmail-315

What is Streak for Gmail?

Marketing may sometimes feel like a field that relies on instinct and an unidentifiable charisma that the most successful marketers have. But the truth is, data and research are just as important in marketing as they are in discovering if the universe is made of wiggles or what cooking temperature makes the best souffle. You […]

Digital Sales Funnel Basics: Discovering a Simple Overview and Plan

What is a Sales Funnel, and how do I use one online to accomplish growing leads from my website? If you are asking questions about online sales funnels, this is a great post to dig into!  I’ll cover the Digital Sales Funnel basics in simple terms to help you identify a plan and strategy to […]

Facebook and Social Media Updates for the week of August 5

Facebook and social media updates happen at a ever-increasing pace!  It’s hard to keep up online with what matters and what’s changed for marketers online. That’s where I aim to step in and add some value to you! Are you keeping up with the Facebook and social media changes?  As soon as I post this, […]

How to Create an Ebook for Website Email List Building

Having a lead capture plan for your website to grow your email list is critical.  Using a ebook as a tool is a good method for offering something of value.  Let’s dive into the what, why, and how to create a ebook! Is your website growing leads and building your email list? One gap point […]