What is Rerun App and How Do You Use It?

What is Rerun App and How Do You Use It-315Rerun is a unique billing and invoicing software for small and mid-sized businesses in the United States and Canada. With it you can customize payment streams, plan recurring billings, monitor account activity and generate financial reports with filter options. In addition, you can customize payment channels through streams, clients, product or projections. Use Rerun to automate client emails and get control over failed transactions and other exceptions.

Sign up for one of the following Rerun Live accounts:

  • A Rerun account and a payment processing account by Rerun's sister software, Forte. This account allows you to process credit cards and other bank transactions. However, it does not include monthly fees or early cancellation penalties.
  • A Rerun account that can be integrated with a Stripe account. Stripe is the credit card payment processing system that allows you to monitor transactions in real time.

Here is how to use Rerun account for better financial control.

1. Accept Payments from Customers

With Rerun, you can accept credit cards from customers or transactions via banks for goods or services. Alternatively, create customized payment streams that match your brand and the products in your catalog. This will enhance your efficiency and make it easy to manage your venture.

2. Manage communication with Customers

Emails allow you to send out invoices and create long-lasting relationships with your clients and suppliers. Rerun lets you brand and customize emails with free templates. It provides a robust automation system that sends an email based on an event projected to occur. For instance, a transaction that went awry, or a simple "Thank-You" note.

3. Excellent Third Party Integration

Rerun is developed for efficiency. To be as efficient as possible with the software you currently use it integrates easily with third-party application software.

Account integration: The information in your Rerun account lives beyond Rerun. You can link the account to customers, tax codes, QuickBooks, Account Edge, and Xero. Remember to process payments from Rerun to your internal accounting system. This prevents rekeying information.

Slack Integration: The Slack App integrates with your account to send important notifications to your Slack network of preference.

4. Manage Invalid Credit Cards Easily

There is nothing quite as disappointing as a failed payment and not being able to get current information from your clients. Rerun eliminates this hassle by setting up a Customer Center, customized and secure, with editing options that help customers change credit information or select an entirely different payment policy.

5. Create a Customizable Check-Out Process

Checkout is the latest upgrade in Rerun. Create a hosted, fully customizable checkout process that makes accepting recurring payments easy. When a visitor checks out, Rerun automatically adds them to your payment streams.

Benefits of Rerun

Rerun creates transparency. The app stores all data. Quickly find info if a client has an issue or has a question about a transaction. Data also includes full action on lead generation to payment reception.

Rerun is simply a lifesaver for many businesses. It has tremendously changed how people do payment collection. The software automates the entire billing system and lets you receive money online and on time.


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