Business Tech Insights for Growth

Hi, I’m Mike Gingerich.  I help owners, managers, marketers and CEO’s get the best business tech insights to grow their companies.

I help businesses grow….with a focus on the latest business tech innovations, online marketing strategies, business tech tools, and critical business strategy insights….all geared for the busy tech-savvy business leaders.

From my global business tech blog to my Halftime Mike Podcast and consulting, I help leaders grow their businesses in sales, marketing, efficiencies, processes, teaming and execution. It’s about the right tools (often business tech tools) and the right strategies being brought together in the right mix to create something powerful.

On my blog you’ll find resources for leveling up your business, increasing social media lead generation, the latest trends in online digital marketing, overcoming overwhelm, leading effectively, creating a lifestyle that adds value, and more!

Go to the blog now.  Learn more about my speaking. See my latest book: Making the Miles Count.

Business Coaching for Growth

You’ve got business growth questions, let’s get to answers!

I keep it simple.

I help businesses and organizations achieve new levels of profits and productivity.

I do this through consulting, my Podcast (Halftime Mike), my blog, my books, 2 Facebook Live shows (Live with Mike & Magnet Marketers) and through services in start-up coaching, online marketing strategy, website development, and operations.  See a list of products and services in my online store.  If you are looking for a new career in the marketing arena, check out marketing jobs at Jooble.

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Discover my Difference:

My angle is that to be successful, your business needs to differentiate by adding value and being uncommon.

I live by that and would love to help your business.

What else sets me apart?

I’ve got a global giving mindset. I use my skills to help others in great need but with limited resources in tough spots around the world.  This has led me to found a non-profit, iGive Global focused on micro business and social entrepreneurship mission ventures, and sent me to places like Iraq, Honduras, Morocco, and Kenya.

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