What is Synup and How is it Used?

What is Synup and How is it Used-315Digital media has revolutionized marketing. While there are lots of tools a business can use for online marketing (or a marketing agency like Ottawa Marketing Agency), most don't meet the specific needs of local businesses who depend upon local people to visit and purchase.

Synup gives businesses a tool that leaves nothing to chance concerning their online local business presence. This software offers a complete online toolset that:

  • Shows all the local business listings and directory listings on one dashboard
  • Allows a business to make changes and updates to their local directory listings one at a time or in bulk
  • Reports on local searches and listing management
  • Tracks visits to local business listings
  • Shows all consumer reviews for a local business from the many review sites in one place
  • Let’s a business follow up on consumer reviews questions and comments directly from the dashboard

Here are some of the tasks that Synup makes easy:

1. Local Business Management

With Synup, you can monitor all your businesses directory listings with the more than 200 sites it integrates with. It regularly crawls the internet to present the most current and accurate business listing info. If a business needs to change or update a listing, you can quickly adjust all directories with a quick trip to one dashboard.

The Synup dashboard lets you combine duplicate listings on two or more directories. (This safeguards your Google rank by preventing your search engine results to be diluted by two or more entries.)

2. Timely Interactions

Get notifications immediately when a consumer leaves a review or comment for your business. Synup compiles all customer reviews on product or services and puts them in one place, an easy to reach dashboard. You don’t need to visit online review sites one by one and answer question and reply to reviews. Now you never miss posting a reply to a comment or review.

3. Google Ranking and Analytics

Synup automatically tracks your web ranking, visitor traffic, and other analytics. It monitors Google and Bing. On top of that, the app monitors your ranking on Yellowpages, Yelp, and Citysearch. It uses an IP address (location) to track location and keywords.

Benefits of Synup Software for Small and Medium Businesses

This tool gives businesses an easy way to add their business information to over 45 local directories and live listings. The dashboard is easy to understand and navigate. You can update your business details in all the directories in one dashboard at one time.

Synup features an automated claim wizard. It helps businesses claim their business listings with each of the 45 local directories. The platform is ideal to track your business verification process.

Though Yext performs functions similar to Synup, it has a downside. Once you unsubscribe from the service, all citations synced to your business disappear. Not true for Synup. Once you’ve claimed and cleaned up your business listings they stay that way.


The company's pricing policy is simple and straight-forward. $30 per location per month. And the price goes down as the number of locations increase.

If you’ve ever created business directory listings you know how painful and boring this is. One little mistake and all your hard work goes up in smoke.

Synup is an important tool to consider for all local businesses. It saves time and increases your local online presence by making the critical, but dull and tedious task of directory listings easy and quick.


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