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Keeping your teams organized can be a challenging task. Many solutions require that every member is set up in the project management software. This makes you and your employees go through an onboarding process. This can cause less adoption and more challenges in getting your team on board. eliminates this frustrating task by allowing you to share tasks with anyone, regardless if they're signed up for the platform, using email. It also comes with lots of other collaborative features.

Centralized Task Management

The core function of is to bring all of your task management into a single panel. Access it via the website or mobile devices, which makes it handy for keeping up with a changing task list. See your list at a glance and check-in with the right people when verifying the work is getting completed.

Email to Task Conversion

You can connect your account to your email inbox, allowing you to create tasks from your email messages easily. If you have team members who simply won't use a task management system, use their information to make new tasks.

Reminders and Due Dates

Keep your project on-track with automatic reminders that let you know when to complete your tasks. Your team members won't be able to say that they don't due dates are because will email the tasks right to their inbox.

Slack Integration

Do you use Slack for internal communication? integrates with Slack’s chat system, so you have a seamless and efficient workflow. Create tasks from Slack messages or share task information on your team channel. It makes everything easier when everyone knows exactly what they're doing.

Natural Language uses natural language processing, so you give it due dates and reminder times the way you normally talk. Everyone is more likely to add dates since they're easy to add.

Choosing the right task management platform for your business depends on the needs of your organization and your team. covers task sharing, and users don't have to have an account if they don't want to. With email and Slack channel integration, is a candidate to manage all your project management.

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