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Pinterest Updates for Business Marketing with Azure Collier

Pinterest is driving traffic to websites in amazing fashion! Did you know that e-commerce purchases right on Pinterest have started? All this and more on Pinterest updates for business marketing in this podcast! It’s all about informing you on the latest trends on Pinterest.  From, driving traffic to Rich Pins and more, we cover it! […]

Insider Tips on Trends in Online Video with Sunny Lenarduzzi

It’s raw, it’s uncut! It’s all about what’s happening with video and livestreaming! Sunny Lenarduzzi is spectacular and informative….Mike’s audio improves as the interview goes on…. It’s all about informing you on the latest trends in online video today!  From YouTube to Facebook video, Instagram video to Periscope and Meerkat, we cover it. Sunny Lenarduzzi […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns: How One Startup Ran a Wildly Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Have you thought about running Crowdfunding campaigns? Are you familiar with how they operate? Would you like to learn the Secret Sauce from a successful Kickstarter campaign? Join me as I dive into this and more in this “Part 2” Podcast episode with the founders of KOOSHOO. Jesse and Rachel, husband and wife yoga teachers […]

KOOSHOO: Ecommerce Store Grows with Feeling and Doing Good

They left their jobs in corporate America. Purchasing one-way tickets, they headed to Asia. She’s from a tiny island called Norfolk, that’s roughly 3 miles by 5 miles in size between New Zealand and Australia. Their backgrounds and experiences ultimately led them to start a ecommerce store called KOOSHOO, centered around the Norfolk meaning of […]

Facebook News Feed Personalization with “See First” Option

It’s a FIRST! I recorded my podcast LIVE on Periscope! Yes, I use the Twitter tool and talked Facebook, producing my podcast in real-time video and then simply creating this post and loading the file to my podcaster service, Libsyn. I think you’ll want to listen in because this is something that I think is […]

Drastic Life Results with Toni Harris

How many of us would like to see some drastic life results?? Have you had some bumps and setbacks, or are you struggling to get that online business to the next level? You’ll want to listen into this interview about drastic life results with Toni Harris! Toni Harris is my guest on this episode of […]

Ignite your Content if you want to see your Business Grow Online!

Content online has proliferated. You’ve heard all the tips about regular publishing of great content, creating quality images that communicate, and more. Yet everyone is doing that.  Great content is everywhere.  So how can you compete? More importantly, if you have great content, but no one sees it, is it really working for you?  What can […]

Video Blogging that’s Savvy Sexy and Social!

Yes, I used the term “sexy” when talking about blogging, and in this case video blogging! Blogging and video blogging may not seem sexy, but Amy Schmittauer makes it so! Amy is my guest on this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast.  She’s the founder and personality behind Savvy Sexy Social and leader of Vlog […]

Blogging for Business: How One Man Launched a Growing Empire

Want ideas on how to grow blog traffic? Interested in ways to generate revenue from your blog? All this and more covered in this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast with guest Ricky Shetty, The Daddy Blogger! Ricky shares his personal story of growing a business online and along the way offers specific tips that […]

Facebook Videos: How to Create Optimized Videos with Apps

What is currently the post type on Facebook that gets the most reach? Did you know it’s video? Do you know what type of video and how to make those videos? Did you know YOU can make those videos? In this podcast episode I dive into the details of successful Facebook video creation. Listen Now: […]

What Works on Facebook Today

How is your Facebook marketing going? Looking for a source of good Facebook marketing information? Are you tired of complex answers and want to hear it straight in simple terms? Then you’ll enjoy this show where I interview Jenny Brennan on “What works on Facebook today?” Jenny Brennan delivers in this podcast interview!  Hear her […]

The Enchanting Way Business Process Outlined

Everyone wants to grow their business. In many industries today, what worked the previous two decades is no longer working today.  Are you in that boat?  Has your business climate shifted? The Digital World, basically the web and social media, has changed that.  Processes are different, customer acquisition and support are different, and new models […]

How to Grow your Career with Social Media

What are tips for how to grow your career with social media?  What are pitfalls to avoid? Is “flash mob law” a real  thing? If a person sends someone naked pics digitally, can the recipient post them online? All this and more covered in a great interview with lawyer, author, and speaker Ruth Carter! Ruth […]

Social Media Loyalty Programs

Do you have a frequent flyer card? How about a credit card with rewards?  You’re likely familiar with those types of loyalty programs, but… Are you using any loyalty programs in your social media?  Perhaps you should be! In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I go “down under” to interview Antonio Calero in Melbourne, […]

How One Entrepreneur Grew a Massive Online Community

How many of us want to grow a massive online community? Ever have “envy” of that page with 250,000 Facebook fans and a million hits on their website monthly? If so, I think you’ll want to listen to this real life success story of one man growing a Facebook community to over 500,000 in one […]

Facebook News Feed Updates April 2015

It’s not a broken record… Facebook updates have occurred again! Facebook announced on April 21, changes to their News Feed algorithm and I dig into the details in this episode of Halftime Mike! Listen Now: [powerpress] Subscribe:  Halftime Mike on iTunes  | Android users via RSS  | Listen on Stitcher. Facebook News Feed Updates April 2015: With Facebook it’s […]

How Facebook Took my Daughter to Honduras

It’s a fact.  Facebook got my daughter to Honduras. Without Facebook, would she be there?  Maybe not.  Or maybe we could have worked out the details some other way. When I visited her in Honduras recently I reflected on the events that led up to it and realized that Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of […]

Building a Brand, Creating a Raving Community

Ready to build your personal brand? Need a roadmap for creating a raving community and taking your business to the next level? My guests today help businesses do this for a living! Andy Zitzmann and AJ Amyx are Co-Founders of the GAMETIME Movement where they help leaders and high achievers launch and monetize their message both […]

Facebook Changes Announced at Recent F8 – What You Need to Know

Facebook continues to evolve. Facebook change is a constant!  Are you keeping up?  Let me help! Facebook Changes Announced at F8: Listen Now: [powerpress] Subscribe:  Halftime Mike on iTunes  | Android users via RSS  | Listen on Stitcher. Facebook F8 Info and Tools: Facebook recently held their (mostly) annual F8 conference for developers.  This is where they talk about new […]

3 Key Social Marketing Takeaways

So if you could discover the most leading-edge social media tactics from some of the best in the business to improve your marketing online, you’d be in a pretty great spot, right? I had that opportunity at Social Media Marketing World 2015. With loads of sessions and respected leaders sharing, it was a smorgasbord of […]