Integrating Marketing with Lead Capture: Waftio Intro

Is your website performing for your business?

Is your website truly generating leads?

More than just the website "Contact Form", is your website offering a incentive that grows your email marketing list?

One of the biggest gap points on websites today is lead capture.  

In this Halftime Mike podcast episode we dive into why lead capture matters, how it can be done, and one specific tool that can help!



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Integrating Marketing with Lead Capture: Waftio Intro

A website should be much more than just a "brochure for your business that's online."

Your website should be a salesperson.

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It should build rapport with clients and walk them down the pipeline to becoming a raving, repeat customer!

Your website can develop and nurture leads 24/7/365.  To do that it has to offer lead capture opportunities.

How Lead Capture Grows Sales

A "lead" on the web is a visitor that submits their name and email address to you.  It moves them from unknown site viewer to a specific name and email address that you can follow-up with.  The contact form is a standard form on most websites and it is used when someone wants to contact you.  It is a lead.

Many visitors, however, aren't ready to contact you upon first or second visit.  They don't want to speak to you yet, but they are wanting to learn about you.

So this is where other lead capture options besides the contact form on the site come into play.  Digital marketing studies have shown that visitors who are given a related special offer that does not cost them anything are more apt to complete a form (lead capture!) to access the offer.

B2C Lead Capture:

For business to consumer websites, this might be a coupon code or coupon to print and bring into the store.  To access visitors would complete the "call-to-action" (CTA) web form and then get access.  This is lead capture!

B2B Lead Capture:

For business to business sites, the offer might be a resource of value such as access to download a free ebook or brochure with key information.  It might be access to the video replay of a webinar, or access to a upcoming webinar.  It might be a special product demonstration video.

Whatever makes sense for the business and offers value related to their products or services but is a "soft sell" or simple way to incentivize the visitor to enter their name and email address.

Website Lead Capture with Waftio

With lead capture missing so often from websites, we've developed a new software that can fill that gap and which makes it easy for your business to offer engaging and varied lead capture options on your website.  It's called "Waftio" and I'll outline the service features here.

waftio smallwaftio

Waftio offers websites a way to capture leads by engaging the site visitor and getting their attention.

Waftio offers multiple ways to do this including three different kinds of apps.  There is a Survey App, a Form App, and a Sweepstakes App options.  Each is pretty self-explanatory!  Engage your visitors through a quick survey or use the Form App to offer a coupon or enticing resource that requires the form entry to access. Or even consider running a simple contest on your website where the Sweepstakes App takes care of all the details and can generate a winner from the entries that come in!

The power of Waftio comes in the ease of setup and the variety of unique ways it can be used on your company website or personal blog.

Waftio offers four different ways to deploy an app on your website.

  • Widget Pop-up in bottom right of site (example)
  • Pop-up Box Example on (example)
  • Web Page Embed (example)
  • Landing Page (example)

Read more detail on each of the four ways waftio can be used on websites >>

What are potential uses for lead capture on your site?

  • Lead capture on a web page
  • Survey completion on your site
  • Email registration
  • Event registration
  • Webinar registration
  • Contact form submission
  • Support form submissions
  • and more!

The apps are setup by making a few selections in the app setup area within the Waftio manager.  These decisions guide the form fields and display options.  It's possible to use one app and have it as a pop-up as well as embedded on a web page and used as a Landing Page, giving a business multiple means to capture leads.

It's all about growing leads and making your website work for you, and Waftio makes that happen.  By setting up an app and adding the code to your website page or pages, it's a lead capture magnet ready for action.  Starting at $19.99 for a monthly subscription to use with a single website domain, Waftio gives marketers a powerful means to capture leads on business websites and any blog.

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What’s your key takeaway that you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening to this?  Is your lead capture up-to-snuff?

Let me know! Comment below...


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