Facebook Important Updates for Marketers

Facebook keeps on changing!

It's a powerhouse of opportunity for businesses....if you keep up.

Facebook recently released a number of important updates for marketers.  As the world's largest human database accessible to marketers, it's an important place to invest and stay current, because if you do, you can reap powerful benefits!


In this episode I dive into three key Facebook updates, how to use them, and what it means for your business.

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Covered in this Facebook Episode:

One of the key features Facebook offers marketers is the ability to reach, through Ads, the ideal customer audience your business desires. With users spending so much time on the social network each day, and with all major buying demographics represented strongly, it's a key place to be....and to be there well a business needs to keep up.  Facebook's newest features offer marketers some great ways to reach and connect with that ideal customer target you have!

Facebook Live Video for Pages

This first new feature is free and has nothing to do with Ads.  Facebook rolled out live video (formerly called live streaming) in the recent weeks to all Pages.  Previously it was limited to authorized pages and celebrities but it's now available to all of us and businesses should use it!  Facebook live video uses for small and medium sized businesses can include:

  • Events (your own or events where you present/have a booth)
  • Tours of your plant/store/office/campus
  • Behind the scenes tours
  • Market updates
  • Product releases
  • Talk about new blog posts and other company updates

How does it work?

Simply use the Pages App for your Smartphone (iTunes or Android/Google Play) and go to "Publish" a post as you normally would.

Select the "Live Video" icon to the right of the Place icon, allow it access (first time), and then type in a introductory message for your stream.

Choose your camera to be front-facing or rear, and go live!

Facebook alerts fans and gives top billing to video in the news feed currently.

1. facebook live video  2. IMG_1510  3.  IMG_1511

Go ahead and give Facebook live video a try!

Facebook New Ad Types in Ads Manager:

  • Video Collage
  • Multiple Image Carousel Ads

These ads carry some visual "POW!" with them!  Not available when you Boost a post, these ads can generate traction and capture the eye of the viewer on Facebook.  The Video Collage allows you to upload a number of images and Facebook combines them to make video out of it.  The power is that the video is native to Facebook with all the benefits including auto-play in the news feed and more reach.

The Multiple Image ads do exactly what they say.  Allow you to add multiple images that appear in a sequence you can set in the ad.  So users see the first 2 ads and part of the 3 and can scroll to view the rest of the ads.  Brands have told quick stories through the image sequence or demonstrated messages that build on each other.  The sky is the limit!

On Facebook with Ads it's all about accomplishing your goal and evaluating keys like your reach, your clicks, and your goals (sign-ups, checkouts, etc.)

First, make sure you message is solid, then experiment with the ads and let them run for 24 hours to see performance.  I like to use great copy message and then run a single image ad, multiple image ad, and video ad and watch performance, then keep the best performing ad!

I've gotten some seriously good cost per click prices including this month for a client I'm at $.03 cpc!

Setup for these ads:

Select your Ad type (I selected to get traffic to my website below), then on the Ad Creative screen you'll come to this screen:

  1. For video collage, select the "A single image or video in your ads"
  2. For the multiple image ad, select the Multiple Images in one ad option of course!

video ad

Video Collage Ads:

Load 3-7  images at least 1200x615 and set to rotate 2-3 seconds depending on length you desire.

video 2


Advertise on Instagram via the Ads Manager

Key features:

  • No company Instagram account needed, yet you can advertise
  • Clicks to website options to drive traffic to your site

Yes, Facebook is making Instagram advertising easy for businesses.  You don't even have to have a Instagram business account!  All you need is your company Facebook page.  If you want to drive traffic from Instagram to your website, select the "Send people to your website" option in the Facebook Ads manager.

carousel and instagram fb ads

Especially if your demographic is on Instagram, you can reach a precise audience using the power of Facebook's ad platform that narrows down demographics and allow you to hyper-target by age, gender, region, title, interests, and more.  It's powerful and worth trying out.  Note the recommended image size for Instagram ads of 1080x1080 (Square images).

When I want to test an Ad for Instagram, I turn off all other ad deployment locations (the Facebook and app ones). This allows me to see exactly what performance I can get on Instagram.  I've gotten some ads down into the $.19 cpc realm which is very good and worthwhile!

These are key Facebook updates, give them a try!

What’s your key takeaway that you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening to this?

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