SEO Tips: What Matters Today for Business Websites

Staying current on SEO Tips is critical for business success on the web today.

The web changes rapidly and SEO changes each year because search engine algorithms change.  A search engine algorithm is the set of rules that a search engine like Google uses to determine what is the "best" search results for a search done on

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In this episode I aim to please busy marketers and small business owners by narrowing down to the nitty gritty of what your website needs for SEO success today on the web.

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Covered in this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Update:

I like to keep it simple!  There's lots of "SEO Talk" out there and if your a small business owner you likely get these type of spammy emails says "We've done a free review of your site and there are a number of key SEO things that we have found that will improve your search engine optimization right away."

Some of these folks promise amazing results with just a little ongoing effort by them.  Let's just say if it were that easy, we'd all be doing it!

Optimizing your site to come up high in Google results takes effort and the system cannot be "gamed" by programmers.  Google is to smart for that.  I mention Google as primary because they are.  They have about 70% of the market share of all search done on search engines on the web!

Google wants to provide the best possible valid results for users doing searches with their search engine so they are constantly tweaking and adjusting to (1) improve results so that the best content on sites makes the top 5 results and (2) they want to stay ahead of "gamers" who are trying to beat the system.

It's a fact that in order to be relevant for key searches, you need to land in the top 5 results.  It's more like top 4 because 85% of web users select a search result in the top 4 results!  So who do you do it?  Let's roll up our sleeves and dig in!

SEO Tips Today:

1 Responsive Website Design

It matters big time today!  Google and Bing actually penalize your site in search results if it is not mobile friendly!  Responsive means it "responds" to the device it is on.  The same site adjust to look good and provide a great user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

2 Website Content Matters

Websites today can no longer be "online brochures" and rank well.  Google takes into account how frequently new content is added and how resource-rich that content is.  Your site needs to have a blog/news/resource area where you are adding value-adding posts.  More on this >>

3 Titles & Meta Descriptions have Impact

There are "on page" items you need to optimize for SEO.  This includes having your focal keyword phrase in the page/post title, in the meta description, and in the URL. More on this >>

4 Social Media Matters

Social Media is here to stay and social media marketing matters.  Posts shared to Google+ are known to rank higher in search results.  As well, search algorithms are starting to take into account social shares and social media references to posts.  Plus, you can gain more traffic back to your site if your business is active on social media, you share your content no social media, and you have social media sharing buttons on your web pages!  More on this >>

5 Keyword Phrase Identification and Use

I mentioned this already but each page/post should have a focused keyword or keyword phrase that you are trying to target in search results.  If visitors search for "How to customize a xyz", then you might want to write a page that targets the phrase "customize a xyz."  Your page title would be "How to Customize a XYZ" and you would talk about the ways to "customize a xyz" in the post!  More on this >>

6 Local SEO Tips

Is your business a local business that is targeting regional customers?  If so, you need to look at local SEO tips.  This includes pages with your keyword focus being "service xyz in <city>".  As well, local search directory representation is important and the most critical ones can be updated all in one place with a service like MOZ Local.  More on this >>

These are key SEO Tips for today.  What needs done on your website and online marketing to catch up? Let me know.

What’s your key takeaway that you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening to this?

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