The Benefits of using LinkedIn Publisher

The Benefits of LinkedIn Publisher 600 (1)

LinkedIn Publishing gives LinkedIn users more opportunity to build influence and reach a target audience. With LinkedIn Publisher, users can share (and prove) their knowledge and expertise and give advice while gaining an important source of professional connections.

It’s basically a blogging platform within LinkedIn allowing users to reach their connections and beyond.

With LinkedIn publisher, individuals have the chance to build their own professional brand and showcase the experience of their company. The posts published on LinkedIn are published as individual posts by the user, not a business, and can demonstrate the experience that one has accumulated over the course of a career.

The articles will show other LinkedIn members the credibility of the writer and can, therefore, build trust in a brand, product, or company service.

With LinkedIn being the dominant social platform used for business, and the only platform where top level executives spend significant time, it's a key avenue for businesses to consider using and the way to use it well is via LinkedIn Publishing. The ability to reach and interact with thousands of other professionals in specific industries presents many more opportunities as well for partnerships and for showcasing products and services.


Using LinkedIn Publisher The Right Way

To get the best results with LinkedIn Publisher there are a number of things to keep in mind, and I’ll outline those here:

1. Creating Good, Quality Content

Content is the foundation for pretty much every popular social network or blog. Since LinkedIn Publisher posts are a way of demonstrating competence and professionalism, it's important to understand the right practices for developing content.

Offer value and resource-rich material. Don’t just give a sales pitch or talk about yourself.

Share your unique experiences in your posts. Content should reflect what one knows and the skills that have come with it. Individual experiences and the way situations were dealt with or learned from establishes not only credibility but also uniqueness.

Others can gain important knowledge from the experiences you've had. This fits in well with the community aspects of LinkedIn.

Whether its experiences with customers or technical problems that have encountered and solved, writing about these experiences build up your status as a professional with credibility in your industry.

The content published should also be convenient for the reader. Like most online content, it should be easy to read and give readers the information they are looking for in a digestible format.

Shorter posts, correctly formatted with content sectioned out are preferable. Use bulleted lists when possible and keep paragraphs short to allow for ease of reading and skimming.

2. Exercising Consistency

Posting needs to be consistent to set expectations for an audience and adds a level of relevance. When an audience expects regular content, they're more likely to continue to pay attention.

Regular posts also attract more LinkedIn users and builds the LinkedIn community further.

3. Sharing Posts

To get the maximum reach out of posts, they need to be shared. LinkedIn posts don't have to remain isolated on LinkedIn. Sharing content on Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media platforms allow posts to find a bigger audience.

By default, when you publish a post you are given the opportunity to share to Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to take advantage of this to increase your reach!

LinkedIn Publisher is a potentially powerful way to communicate your message within LinkedIn. It can help you grow trust and demonstrate your company's expertise.

One idea to consider is to re-work some of your company blog posts and share unique versions of them on LinkedIn that can connect with your connections there.

Have you explored publishing a post on LinkedIn yet?

Connect with me on LinkedIn here to watch my use of LinkedIn Publishing.

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