Efficient Job Posting And Hiring With ZipRecruiter

Efficient Job Posting And Hiring With ZipRecruiter (1)

At some point it happens in all businesses. In order to grow, you need to hire and you want the best people for your roles. The hiring process often lands upon managers and small business owners who already have many tasks on their plate.

In the past job postings were handled mostly by newspapers. Over time, services like and others have added to the options. Today, the best way to find qualified candidates truly is online in many cases.

With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which site to use, but one service we’ll review today handles all of that for you.

What Is ZipRecruiter?

After recognizing the need to make online job posting an easier process for business owners, a group of entrepreneurs got together to start ZipRecruiter.

The primary goal of ZipRecruiter is to allow hiring managers the opportunity to post their job to 100+ of the leading job boards, including key sites like Monster and LinkedIn, as well as social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, with just one click.

The process is pretty painless: Create a job, add the title, details and requirements, and then post it live. Pricing options determine what sites and how many sites the job is posted too.

It’s an efficient way to get posted to all the major online job boards where potential candidates are spending time searching. The interview process will become more streamlined once you know you have the right candidates to choose from.

In addition to making the posting process a one and done format, ZipRecruiter offers many other features to help business owners reach their target candidate market:

  • Search an extensive resume database - ZipRecruiter has over 6 million resumes posted to their site and makes finding the right candidate easy. Business owners can search for free, or sign-up for a plan that provides full contact information for 50 - 1,000 candidates per month.
  • Create tailored candidate screening - Don't just collect resumes, screen candidates with free-form, multiple choice questions to ensure only the most qualified candidates are identified.
  • Collaborate with other team members - Share the candidate search process with others by adding multiple users to the company account. Plus, use candidate tracking tools to stay organized and share notes or ratings about candidates with other members on the hiring team.
  • Keep track of candidates in one place - In addition to being able to track candidates and share information with another member of the hiring team, ZipRecruiter makes it easy to review data offline with an Excel export.

Finding the right candidate doesn't have to be a complicated process of utilizing numerous job sites. Thanks to sites like, posting a job to hundreds of sites, and attracting the perfect new employee, can be accomplished with only a few clicks.

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