Website SEO Grader and Keyword Tools

Website SEO Grader and keyword tools help you get a picture of how your site is performing, and better yet, how to help improve your site!  We cover 4 key tools you can use today...

In this episode, I dive into what a SEO Grader tool is, what a Keyword tool is, and then the details of four tools and the key benefits of each.

Website evaluation tools help you see how well your site is performing and the areas it may be lagging behind. These 4 site evaluation tools will give insights into how and where to improve your website to gain traffic and rank!

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Website SEO Grader and Keyword Tools Video

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Website SEO Grader and Keyword Tools Show Notes

As I noted, these website tools help you evaluate site performance and the areas it may be not up to current standards. These 4 site website evaluation "graders", or tools, will give insights into how and where to improve your website to gain traffic and rank.


LXRSEO gives marketers a rundown of their site's SEO performance.

For every page on your site, LXRSEO analyzes the problem areas and gives you tools to fix them. If a page is missing a meta description, you'll receive an alert from the Website Auditor tool. The SEO Webpage Analyzer examines the SEO of a page for optimization.

Key features:

  • Nice free version of the Website Grader
  • SEO Dashboard (live SEO performance)
  • Task Manager for recommended SEO Tasks
  • SEO Toolkit - tools to execute SEO Tasks

SEM Rush

Seeing your competition's strategies gives insight into strategies to use for your site. With SEMRush, enter a competitor's domain and research their videos, advertising, keywords, and backlinks.

As a keyword tool, SEMRush helps you use the data found on a competitor's site and your keywords to boost traffic. With SEO Keyword Magic, you can save and export keyword research related to your website.

Key features:

  • Organic Research
  • Great Website Audit tool
  • SEO Ideas
  • Position Tracking
  • Facebook Audience insights
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • See competitors’ best keywords
  • Discover new organic competitors
  • Observe position changes of domains

Hubspot’s Website Grader

How strong is your site? Hubspot's Website Grader will tell you.  After searching your site, Website Grader grades your site based on over 30 factors and tells you which areas need improvement. Website Grader, answers the following questions:

  • Where is my marketing performing well (or not so well)?
  • How do I fare against my competition?
  • How is my blog performing?
  • Is my website optimized for mobile?
  • Are my social media accounts factored into my marketing?

The grader goes a step further and gives pointers to improve your site. Website Grader provides step by step actions to take on each part of the sales funnel.

Key Features:

  • Overall Website Performance - page load, page requests, speed of site
  • Mobile readiness
  • SEO checks
  • Security (https) check


Ahrefs helps improve your content to build traffic and push your blog up the search engine. This web tool lets you see how Google sees your site, as well as a host of tools to see your own site's rank and keywords, backlink growth, and top pages by rank and earnings.

Digital Roo, an SEO agency in Brighton agreed, saying “Ahrefs plays a big role in our SEO department and find it is capable of all that we need, highly recommend.”

Like SEM Rush, Ahrefs gives you invaluable market insights.  By examining competitor content, determine what topics and type of content get traffic and create similar content for your site. If infographics receive a good amount of traffic, create some for your own site.

Website evaluation tools help you see the holes in your marketing strategy so you can improve it. With the help of these 4 tools, you can boost your site's performance.

Key Features:

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Research
  • Content Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Website Monitoring


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