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FoundonTack Review

FoundonTack Review - 315Putting your company’s identity onto a social media platform inherently involves more direct communication with: customers, associates, rivals, the potential trolls, and so on. While the Instagram interface is good for interacting with people, it’s not spectacular at analyzing their behaviors and measuring marketing impact.

That’s why I love the world of Cloud services. I always get excited when I see software that helps small to medium businesses compete with the big dogs. I recently took a look at an Instagram-focused service named Tack, using both their free area report tool and their Instagram curation service on a Pro-level account trial.

Super pumped for my new purple T-shirt from @foundontack #smmw17

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Scouting the Social Media Landscape

Tack comes swinging out of the gate with free access to their area report tool whether or not you sign up for their service. Either 500 posts or up to 12 months of activity are combed through and picked apart. Then you get a rundown of important data points like what the most popular posts were or which hashtags saw the most activity.

It would be nice to get the updated reports in real-time, but the emailed reports are easy to share with your team. You can run up to 4 locations per hour per account, which is plenty enough to look at a city with a couple neighborhoods and landmarks.

Let’s move to the account-based Instagram curation tool. It comes in 3 levels (Starter, Pro, and Enterprise) with the major difference being the number of Instagram user profiles and the maximum number of followers managed.

Once you’ve connected a profile to an Instagram account, you can look through user activity using a hashtag or a location. Input a hashtag or location into the large boxes, and you’ll be treated to posts that match your request. From there, you can quickly like, comment, or request permission to use the media yourself. All of these increase your Instagram visibility in the targeted field. It gives you the opportunity to use user-generated content in your own account.

On the main menu, you can perform several functions. Review activity on your posts, comments, requests, and manage your media library just below the curation fields. The last two fields let you customize your request message and response hashtag to whatever you’d like them to be.

Is It Worth Paying For?

Yes, if you intend to take your social media presence seriously. Also if your audience has a heavy focus on Instagram use or image-based media. Tack is useful for any company looking to run a social media blitz on a specific city or neighborhood. Especially due to the information you get in the free area report and the curation tools. Are you a new restaurant trying to break into a packed downtown scene? Are you an app creator selling a new game that wants you to walk around hunting for monsters? Tack is a useful tool.

Try a two-week trial of the starter and pro versions to see if the curation tool works for you. It doesn’t come with training wheels. However, it has a straightforward interface that should be easy for anyone with an understanding of social media. The staff is very responsive. They were more than willing to help walk me through the ropes of using the tools effectively.


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How to Use Board Booster to Ramp Up Your Pinterest Game

How to Use Board Booster to Ramp Up Your Pinterest Game-315There’s no denying the traffic potential for your website that can come from Pinterest. Many business-to-consumer businesses report that Pinterest is one of their top traffic referrers. You can see similar results if you use the platform correctly.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Pinterest is simply to pin, and pin a lot and consistently. Spending time on Pinterest every day isn’t conducive to a busy business owner, which is why there are tools like Board Booster.

What is Board Booster?

Board Booster is an online web software that can help automate your pinning so you’re still pinning regularly without putting in the individual effort of everyday pinning.

How does Board Booster work?

Board Booster has several techniques for automating your pinning. Work on your Pinterest account when you have the time and schedule your own pins and pins from other websites to post over the course of a week or so.

Scheduling pins is a great strategy because it allows you to save hundreds of pins at once, but will share them with your followers over time. This is extremely helpful because you increase the possibility that many users will see your pins over time, rather than a handful seeing all of your pins at once.


Board Booster also has a feature called Campaigns, which allows you to create a single pin that will get repinned multiple times over a few days, weeks or even months. This is a great way to share your own pins (i.e, your blog posts, content extras, infographics, quote graphics, etc.) over and over again to your boards and increase their reach and engagement rate.

There are two types of Campaigns: scheduled and random. In a scheduled campaign, you pick the pins that are sent out multiple times during the course of your campaign. In a random campaign (which is great for bloggers who don’t have many web pages except their blog posts, but not great for websites with lots of pages that aren’t Pinterest-friendly), you choose the URL (i.e., your website) and the campaign pulls random links from that source.


A third feature that can really increase your website traffic is Looping. Board Booster’s Looping tool allows you to revive old pins that you saved before new users followed you. Old blog posts and website links that are helpful but buried deep down in your old boards will be reshared. Effectively put in front of your new followers.

Is Board Booster worth the investment?

Your business should be using the power of Pinterest. Board Booster can help you ramp up your Pinterest game. Also, it’s extremely affordable when compared to its competitors. Use tools like Board Booster to help you to grow your Pinterest followers. Therefore increasing the number of people who see your pins and click-through to your website. This increases the potential of becoming paying customers. And that makes the tool 100% worth it in my book.


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Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care Highlight Social Media Marketing World 2017

Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care were highlighted topics at the recent Social Media Marketing World annual conference that brought over 3,000 marketers together in San Diego, California.

Each year the key focus is on what is happening in social media and what is working best today.  These four items stood out as keys that many referenced and spoke on at #SMMW17 this year.


In this episode, I dive into my key takeaways and tips gleaned from over 3000+ marketers who descended upon the convention center in San Deigo.  Ready to dive in and get the tips?

Ready to dive in?

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Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care Highlight Social Media Marketing World 2017 Video

What a highlight to spend time with over 3000 marketers focused on social media at this year’s social media examiner social media marketing World 2017.  The overarching key topics that I heard again and again were Facebook, Instagram, live video, and customer care.

In this episode of my Halftime Mike podcast I want to dive into each of those in more detail and share what I gleaned from the conference, both from sessions as well as the tremendous interactions with peers in the industry….sometimes it was the dinner conversations that delivered the most valuable information!

What you need to know about Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care from the Conference:

1. Facebook

Facebook was a hot topic and in particular Facebook Ads, Live Video, and Messenger.

Facebook Ads continue to evolve in targeting options, types (video!), and in locations.  Did you know you can use Facebook Ads on the web?

Live video continues to evolve.  I discuss more about that specifically below but even in the last week the ability to go live from desktop and now since the conference the ability to invite another person into the live stream so you can do dual-live broadcasts is rolling out.

Facebook is innovating and is here to stay.  Stories for Facebook just launched and is a direct threat to Snapchat.  Watch for more rollouts to Messenger, including a key new arena called Chatbots.

2. Instagram

Owned and part of the “Facebook Family of Apps”, the consensus at the conference was what I’ve been saying…Instagram is on the rise as a social network and business marketing opportunity!

Sessions focused on Instagram Stories (including Live), setting up a killer Instagram Business Profile (Jenn Herman), using the carousel images in posts, and the ability to “Promote” ads within Instagram (tied to your Facebook Ads account and audiences!).

Tip time on Instagram Stories…Use Stories to Introduce:

  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Special offers / promotions

Stories last 24 hours but can help you gain awareness and drive traffic.

3. Live Video

The consensus was that it’s still in the early stages but really represents the future.  Your company becomes it’s own media company.  There is still plenty of time to jump in for mainstream small businesses and still be “early.”

Facebook, Instagram and Periscope and the mainstays for live.  Periscope was first but has lost ground to the others.  Periscope itself may go away and just be the live video portion of parent Twitter.

Instead of TV ads, you now create your own “infomercial” that is compete with content and your pitch.  Chalene Johnson even did a keynote presentation on the concept of Live Video as the new social infomercial tool that is the next evolution of the television infomercial.

4. Customer care

A theme I heard often was “relationship marketing”.  It’s not about slick campaigns at the end of the day but about people connecting with and buying from other people.  I talk about that every week with Jessika Phillips on our Magnet Marketers Live Show so it was good to see this picking up steam in other sessions.

A keynote related to customer care that stood out was Joey Coleman’s keynote on “The First 100 Days.”  It was interesting to hear the stats on customer attrition and how the first 100 days are so key, and that a 5% reduction in clients leaving for a company can yield 25-100% more profits!  Wow!

His focal point was that the first 100 days is very critical for establishing equity and the “wow” needed to sustain a client for the long haul.  Often we overlook the fact that “buyer remorse” can set in and you need to pour into the relationship early on to give the relationship a deep level of equity that can sustain it over the longer term.

I loved his ideas about gifts, video, and snail mail being part of your early 100 days mix.  How can you add value to your new and existing client relationships?


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Grow Website Leads by Targeting Your Ideal Client with Facebook Ads

Grow Website Leads by Targeting Your Ideal Client with Facebook Ads

The first step of an effective inbound marketing campaign is identifying the right market. But after answering the “who” question, the next task is answering the “how.”

Luckily, you don’t have to do this from scratch. Online tools like Facebook ads target your intended audience with high precision and accuracy.

What Facebook ads look like

You’ve seen them before – they’re the ads in the news feed with “Sponsored”. These ads are designed to look like a typical post made by a friend. On a desktop they appear in your sidebar and can be images or video. Some are specifically created as an ad setup and launched. But some are posts that have now been “boosted”. If you have a popular post, it can have a wider reach by paying to boost it.

How they work

Facebook offers a dashboard to manage your ads and monitor their performance. Like the search engine Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, you design the ad, specify the budget, and pay out for every click on the ad.  There are other options as well such as paying per impression (when an ad is seen).

The cost

There’s a corresponding cost for every click on your ads, but you can manage your spending by setting a per day budget. This will spread out your total budget across several days.

The tools

So far, Facebook ads sound like PPC ads, but what makes them different? The answer lies in the targeting options Facebook offers. If you’re a Facebook user, you know how much information people share on the network. And we’re not talking about what they ate for breakfast. We’re talking about gender, age, languages, locations, and interests, not to mention “likes” and what page they comment on.

As a result, you can target your ads by choosing from the massive filters available. Make your ads visible to everyone, or you can limit your audience by geographical area, gender, age, language, and/or specific interest. You can be as broad or specific as you want, though it’s advisable to start with a wider audience and just narrow it down as you go along.

Exclude people who already liked your page (you potentially don’t want to preach to the choir, after all) and include a tracking pixel for monitoring actions performed on your website. After that, you can set the schedule for your ads and choose where to run them.

How to create effective ads

Of course, without great ads, your campaign won’t be successful no matter how targeted your ads are. They should be intriguing enough to make people click.

Start with a relevant and compelling photo or short video. You can shoot your own images, use Facebook provided images or buy rights to some stock photos. If you’re tight on budget and time, use your own or Facebook’s.

Choose crisp, high-resolution pictures and pair them with a few lines of text. Add an action button and finish it off with a catchy hook.  Think short and snappy, not long and overly detailed.

With the combination of great ads and the right target audience, expect to see a rise in traffic, whether it’s your website or to your Facebook page.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Office 365 Email Archiving

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Office 365 Email Archiving

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Office 365 Email Archiving

Microsoft Office 365 allows companies to affordably utilize the best technologies while improving their productivity levels. It isn’t hard to see why it has easily become the most popular cloud computing service, despite only launching just four years ago.

However, there are some environment restraints that are preventing businesses from migrating to the cloud. If customer security is a primary concern for your organization, it is essential you have heightened security and email archiving measures in place.

We are therefore reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of Office 365’s email archiving, so your company can decide if the cloud solution is the right choice for your business.

Advantages of Office 365

Office 365 email archiving offers a variety of impressive features that make the solution the perfect choice for different size companies. For example, you can benefit from an in-place email archive, in-place hold and litigation hold, an integrated management interface, unlimited storage, as well as deleted item recovery and deleted mailbox recovery.

You can even set retention policies, and users can access archive email from within their inbox, from Outlook and the Outlook Web App. There will also be encryption between clients and Exchange Online Archiving, as well as between on-premises servers and Exchange Online Archiving.

Disadvantages of Office 365

Unfortunately, Office 365’s archiving and eDiscovery tools are quite limited. Any regulated company must verify if there are email retention or archiving restrictions in a plan. For example, Office 365 might feature an eDiscovery tool, but it might not be an aspect of your chosen package, or you may have difficulty deploying the feature.

Your company may also be limited to the number of emails you can send or receive in one day, which could slow down your operations. This feature will vary with your chosen Microsoft Office 365 package.

Compliance is bound to be or should be, a big concern for your company, which is why you should seriously consider third-party email archiving solutions that can work in harmony with your Office 365 environment.

The Packages

What Microsoft Office 365 lacks in email archiving, Bytes can make up for with their CloudFlex Email Archive Office 365 solution. This third-party tool allows companies to easily find any sent or received email within seconds, which can minimize the required compliance response time while improving productivity.

It also allows businesses to centralize and simplify email control, security and governance of data retention policies. Also, not only can it prevent a company from purchasing expensive software and hardware, but it can maximize email security by providing three encrypted copies of every email that will be stored in separate locations.


There is no denying that Office 365’s biggest flaw is its email archiving solution; however, when teamed up with the CloudFlex third-party solution, the cloud can easily become your company’s biggest strength.

So, if you are dubious about deploying Microsoft Office 365, or are looking for ways to tighten your email security, you should strongly consider third-party Office 365 tools to heighten your security and boost your performance.

Facebook and YouTube: Social Media Updates for week ending 4/7

Facebook and YouTube- Social Media Updates for week ending 47


All Facebook Profiles and Pages Can Now Livestream 360-Degree Video

Facebook is adding updates to Livestream faster than you can say, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Now anyone with the right camera can stream 360 videos to their Facebook page or profile.


If you run events or are an outdoor adventure brand, this would work for you. These videos are interesting and engaging. #hashtag the video with the location and you’re sure to pick up some new likes.

Facebook Testing New Option to Allow Pages to Post in Groups

This is the update we’ve all been waiting for … your page will be able to post to your group!

Facebook and youtube updates


This will be an amazing tool for brands if Facebook mainstreams this option. Now your group will associate your brand with the brand page, not a person. Even if your page admins change your readers will not lose any trust in the brand because there’s no break in who they see as a page admin.

The only issue is if a Group allows a Page to join a Group. Then you could have a spam fest.

Facebook Tests a Second News Feed Represented by a Rocket Icon

This is only on the Facebook mobile app. This new news feed includes posts, articles, photos and videos from sources you haven’t followed.


It’s an easy way to explore content you haven’t connected with before. Facebook wants to make it easier for you to follow news and topics not just people, brands, and businesses.

Facebook Profile Pic May Now Appear as a Circle

This is a beta test for Android users. In newsfeeds and on the timeline your profile pic may appear as a circle.


You may need to change our your logo if it doesn’t fit the circle format.


Removing 30 Second Unskippable Ads in 2018

To improve the user experience for both the watcher and the producer, YouTube is completely removing 30-second unskippable ads in 2018.

Unskippable ads less than 30 seconds will remain. I don’t know about you but I find all unskippable ads annoying.


There still will be an ad at the beginning of your YouTube video, it just won’t be 30 seconds. So go ahead and make 29-second ads to your heart’s content.

As always, you’ve got to stay up on the latest to take advantage of new opportunities in social media!  What stands out to you the most?

5 Superb Ways to Make Money Online

5 Superb Ways to Make Money Online

5 Superb Ways to Make Money Online

There are hundreds of ways you can make a considerable amount of money online. You simply need to do your homework to discover the right opportunity for your needs. Below we offer you five superb ways you can start making money online.

1. Write and Sell an eBook

Have you got a flair for writing? Do you have extensive knowledge about a subject? Put the two together to write an informative, entertaining eBook, which can become a great passive income. Once you have written your eBook, you can sell it on the likes of Amazon Kindle or Apple’s iTunes Connect. You will not need to invest a lot of money to create a successful eBook, but you will need to invest a significant amount of time. Once your eBook is up and running, we recommend advertising it on social media and via a website.

2. Reseller Hosting

If you want to boost your savings alongside your career or develop a full-time company online, you should seriously consider reseller hosting from Certa Hosting. All you need to do is select the right plan for your needs and acquire your hosting clients. It can also be a viable business solution for a web designer, as you can use a reseller plan to provide your current and future customers with a valuable service.

3. Advertise a Service on Fiverr

Do you have a professional skill that can benefit the public or a company? You should consider advertising a gig on Fiverr. Whether you have SEO knowledge, web development skills or are a creative social media marketer, you can offer Fiverr gigs that start at $5 per job. The more positive reviews you generate, the more likely other individuals and companies will turn to your professional services which means more money in the bank.

4. Build a Blog

If you want to make some serious money online, you should consider building a blog with genuine readership. Unfortunately, you cannot build a successful blog overnight, but all the hard work and effort will be worth it when you are making money through sponsored guest posts or affiliate marketing. So, take the time to develop a beautiful, easy-to-use website with high quality, engaging content that is complemented by a strong social media presence.

5. Sell Your Photos

Are you a talented photographer? You could always sell your photographs for money to stock websites, such as Shutterstock. Every time someone buys one of your images, you will make a profit, which will be determined by the photo provider.

Anyone can start selling their fantastic images for money. For example, the Foap app will pay for the photos you take on your smartphone, as you will make $5 each time someone buys your snap. So, one picture could result in a fantastic income and you do not have to do anything to receive an money regularly.

There are a variety of ways to make money online, and the above tips are certainly a great way to get started.


How to Spot Fake News

How to Spot Fake NewsThese days, it’s impossible to not hear about fake news unless you live under a media-free rock. These made-up stories are not new, however, and they have been around for decades, with tabloids leading the pack before the Internet and social media wave exploded.

Social media and millions of Internet sources have made fake news a challenging problem to deal with. Thousands of people share a Facebook news story without verifying the source or the content. Trending hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites sensationalize stories that have false premises or simply are not true in any way. So how do you be careful so that your business shares quality information and not fake news?

Examine the source page for legitimacy

Does the website look like the page of a reputable news agency? First, look at the website url ( Look at the About, Staff and Contact pages and see whether they pass the “sniff test”. If you have a masthead that’s filled with stock photographs, identical bios, lots of ads for suspect information and names that sound made up, chances are you’re on a site that’s masquerading as a news publication.

Read through the article for red flags

Do you see many spelling or grammar errors? Are the sources cited not available? Does the information seem outlandish or unbelievable?

Look at the author byline

Some fake news websites create author bylines of people that don’t exist. You can see whether the author created any other pieces by searching for their name online.

Check with

This website has long dedicated itself to debunking urban legends, and they’re doing the same thing with fake news websites. You can see whether a website is known for publishing fake news, as well as the legitimacy of their claims.

Google the site statistics

If you think a news story is fake, Google any statistics or research studies in the piece. If you can’t track down this information, chances are the site made it up to support news that isn’t real.

Are you on a humor or satire website?

One of the most well-known satire news sites is, but even its fame doesn’t stop people from thinking it’s actual news. Many humor sites will include a tagline or an explanation that the news on the site isn’t real, so take a look at the company page if you have doubts.

Use fact checking websites and are two handy resources for finding the facts about a situation. You can check info on these pages without sorting through a lot of search results.

Fake news is a major problem in the social media age. Use this list to determine whether you’re reading and getting ready to share a real story or something someone made up to get advertising dollars. Sharing other people’s content is an important aspect of business social media sharing, it’s simply important to know your sources to maintain your company credibility!


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Do You Need Invoice Factoring for Your Small Business?

Do You Need Invoice Factoring for Your Small Business?

Invoice Factoring

Do you own a small business? If you do, you are probably familiar with the delicate balancing act that is required to ensure there is enough cash flow in your business for payroll even when you have invoices that have not yet been paid by your customers. However, are you also aware of invoice factoring companies that have been created to help provide small business owners with much needed cash flow to keep their companies afloat?

You need to understand:

  • The concept of invoice factoring
  • The concept of invoice financing
  • Options for financing

Once you have this knowledge, you will be able to make the best financial decision for your business needs.

Invoice Factoring

In technical terms, invoice factoring is not considered a loan. The process actually involves business owners selling their invoices at a discounted price to a company that specializes in this niche. In exchange, the factoring company will give the business owner cash. In return, the factoring company will then own the invoices and collect the outstanding debt within 30 days to 90 days.

For example, you may own a small auto parts store. You sell some of your products to another business, and an invoice of $12,000 is created. Although your customer has agreed to pay the invoice off within 30 days, you need the cash to meet payroll the next week. What your business has is a shortfall of cash.

At this point, you have several options. You could apply for a traditional loan with a lender, however you would probably need excellent credit along with physical collateral. On the other hand, you may be approved for a loan, but the loan closing would be several weeks away.

Your other option would be to contact an invoice factoring company. They may agree to purchase the invoice for $11,640. This would equal the original amount of the invoice minus a factoring fee of 3%. The company may then decide to advance you 80% to 90% of the purchase price, and give you the remaining balance once the invoice has been paid.

Keep in mind that this is just an example, and factoring fees can range from 1% to 6%. The exact percentage will depend on:

  • The amount of the invoice
  • Your company’s volume of sales
  • The creditworthiness of your customer
  • If the contract is recourse or nonrecourse

Recourse and nonrecourse refers to who will be responsible if the customer does not pay the invoice, the factoring company or your business.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

With any type of financial transaction, there are pros and cons associated with it. One of the advantages is that your business will get the cash it needs for capital or to help fill in a gap that is created when you invoice slower paying clients.

Another advantage is that while your company’s cash flow is improving, you will still be able to honor the longer payment terms of your clients.

Small business owners who have credit issues or do not meet the qualifications of traditional lending find that approval for invoice factoring is much easier. These companies are only concerned with the creditworthiness of the clients and the value of the invoice.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages as well. The first thing that you will need to consider as a small business owner is the price of the service. Application fees, credit check fees, processing fees and late fees are all additional expenses that could result in you paying higher percentage rates.

You will also need to consider that if your customer has a bad credit rating, it could derail the entire process. Many factoring companies do verify this information before approving financing. If the customer has a history of making late payments or not making payments at all, you could be denied financing.

Financing and Factoring Options

It is important to know the difference between invoice financing and invoice factoring. Companies that offer invoice financing do not purchase your invoices. Your invoices can be used as collateral so you are able to get the funding you need. This money must be repaid, and you are still responsible for collecting on the invoices.

So, is invoice factoring or financing something that you would consider if you are short on cash? It is important to weigh the pros and cons, know the difference between the two and find a reputable company to work with that will help you get the cash your business needs during financial droughts.

Discover the 4 Biggest Causes of a Hard Drive Failure

4 Biggest causes of Hard Drive Failures

The 4 Biggest Causes of a Hard Drive Failure:

Most industries are starting to utilize big data to grow their company, exceed their customers’ expectations and compete with their industry rivals. So, the last thing your company will want is to lose the wealth of files, photos and sensitive information you have gathered over the years. All your business efforts could be undone following a hard drive failure.

For this reason, we are looking at the four biggest causes of a hard drive failure so that you can prevent experiencing a significant data loss.

1. An Old Hard Drive

The biggest threat to your business and personal data could be an old hard drive. It is believed the average hard drive has a lifespan of five to ten years; however, its lifespan will often be determined by the hard drive type and the computer manufacturer. However, environmental factors can also impact a computer’s lifespan, such as temperature, motion and humidity. So, if you have an aging hard drive, it might be time to backup your files and invest in a new computer.

2. Poor Performance

Are you currently experiencing a slow computer? Have you recently experienced the blue screen of death? Or are you commonly frustrated by frequent computer freezes? If you are experiencing any or all of the issues, it might be the right time to embark with a system backup or risk losing your data. If you experience the problem during installations or with Windows Safe Mode, you can trust your computer is experiencing a serious hardware failure.

4 Biggest causes of Hard Drive Failures

3. Data Corruption

One of the biggest causes of a hard drive failure could be due to corrupted files. It is, therefore, essential to back-up your remaining data as soon as possible. Fortunately, corrupt data will not destroy your hard drive immediately, so you have time to backup your files.

4. Unusual Noises

Is your computer making repetitive sounds? If so, this could be the first sign of a hard drive failure. This strange sound is often referred to as “the click of death”, which is as bad as it sounds for the life of your computer. It is common for a grinding or screeching sound to be a sign of either a malfunctioning internal motor or an issue with the bearings. It is, therefore, essential you take the appropriate steps to backup all your important data, so you not only maintain the information you need to grow your company, but also your company can adhere to the Data Protection Act.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a hard drive failure and are unable to recover your data on your own, we strongly recommend contacting Secure Data Recovery experts, who can help you retrieve some or all of the data from your hard drive.

Don’t allow a hard drive failure to halt your company’s performance and backup files, buy a new computer and, if needed, consult a data recovery expert to retrieve your essential data. You will be glad you did.