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Are you Like Mike?

You’ve heard it said, “Be Like Mike…”  Are you like Mike? No, not me, nor the great Michael Jordan.  We’re talking about the “Digital Mike” of 2015! This is a great infographic profile of the digital user.  Businesses need to understand how we operate! Mike and friends check their smartphone throughout the day, every day. […]

5 Mistakes Businesses Make with their Website Home Page

What makes a great website home page?  Ask five people and you likely will get five different answers. As I talk with businesses wanting to improve their online performance of growing leads and converting sales, I often find that what they THINK should be on the home page and WHAT ACTUALLY SHOULD BE are two […]

Quick Tips for Your Digital Marketing Success

Gaining traction online and improving your digital sales funnel are key goals of nearly all businesses online. As many of you regular readers know, my goal is to help you do this and to make it practical and doable by taming the social and digital overwhelm you can encounter and give you straight and simple […]

Facebook Image Dimensions 2014 Updated

Need to know the details on 2014 Facebook Image Dimensions for your Page?  Want to know ALL image sizes, including ads? Jon Loomer has created a standout guide of all the image sizes in use on Facebook that every marketing person needs! This is simply the best resource we’ve seen compiled on Facebook’s dimensions and […]

Add RSS-to-Email to your Blog to Increase Visitor Touch Points

Would you like to reach your site visitors again and again after they visit your blog? One way that businesses and organizations can increase readership of their blog posts and the touch points they have with visitor after the visit is by encouraging those visitors to subscribe to get new post alerts via email. The […]

Social ROI: How One Business Gained 414k in new business via Social and Digital Marketing

Do you want to increase your ROI on your social media and digital marketing efforts?  Would $414,000 in new business tracked back to your efforts in these areas be a positive? I dive into a client case study in this Halftime Mike podcast interview with Amanda Brazel! More About This Podcast Show The Halftime Mike […]

7 Tips for Your Online Marketing Strategy

Here are 7 tips you can use and share socially that will help your business get back to the basics and realize what is important in digital marketing today. 1. In this day, your traffic can be 25-65% mobile user!  Even if it is only 25%, you want to give those users a good experience. […]

Content is King, Engagement is Queen, and Both Need Crowns!

  You’ve likely heard it said by Mari Smith, “Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house.” “Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house.” ♕ツ♛ #SMSS13 — Mari Smith (@MariSmith) October 1, 2013   The king and queen’s defining characteristic is their crown. Royalty without a […]

3 Key Elements of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Need more leads?  Trying to attract a wider audience?  The key is a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Most times when I’m invited to do consulting or a digital marketing audit, one of the first findings is that the marketing is splintered.  What is done on Facebook is not connected to the strategies used on the […]

How to use Social Media Amplification on your Website

4 Important Website Ingredients to Increase Social Media Amplification. A key value of social media for any business is the ability to reach more people.  Social Media can be an “amplifier” that helps extend exposure of your business to more people. This “amplification” happens when your website content is shared on multiple social networks such […]