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How Search Optimization has Changed

You’re familiar with searching for things online.  Whether a question you have, or a product you want, or for doing cost comparisons.   In fact, the word “Google” has become a verb for doing an online search!  You’ve likely heard this before, “just google it!” The Basics: Any time a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing is used, these […]

7 Keys for a High Impact Website Home Page

What makes a great website home page?  Ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. As I talk with businesses, I often find that what they THINK should be on the home page and WHAT ACTUALLY SHOULD BE are two very different things! In This Episode: In this episode, I break down 7 keys for a high […]

Images versus Text – The Data on Visuals Winning

We’ve said images matter in social and digital media. We’ve said that images capture attention better and are processed faster than text. Here’s the data to prove it! Fast Facts to Tweet: Visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text!  Click to Tweet > People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, […]

How to use Snapchat for Business Marketing

The social media marketing landscape is constantly changing, making it challenging for businesses to keep up.  For savvy marketers who understand the different channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) and how to use them, the task is somewhat manageable, though the pace of change is always fast. The real challenge, however, comes from identifying which emerging new […]

Fight Social Overwhelm with Doable Tactics

Hey, Mike here. This post is personal. I’m really, really pumped about this!  This is near and dear to my heart and has come from many months of preparation!   I’ve been listening and taking notes as I speak with people at conferences, on social, and online. I hear again and again things like: It’s […]

Are you Like Mike?

You’ve heard it said, “Be Like Mike…”  Are you like Mike? No, not me, nor the great Michael Jordan.  We’re talking about the “Digital Mike” of 2015! This is a great infographic profile of the digital user.  Businesses need to understand how we operate! Mike and friends check their smartphone throughout the day, every day. […]

5 Mistakes Businesses Make with their Website Home Page

What makes a great website home page?  Ask five people and you likely will get five different answers. As I talk with businesses wanting to improve their online performance of growing leads and converting sales, I often find that what they THINK should be on the home page and WHAT ACTUALLY SHOULD BE are two […]

Quick Tips for Your Digital Marketing Success

Gaining traction online and improving your digital sales funnel are key goals of nearly all businesses online. As many of you regular readers know, my goal is to help you do this and to make it practical and doable by taming the social and digital overwhelm you can encounter and give you straight and simple […]

Facebook Image Dimensions 2014 Updated

Need to know the details on 2014 Facebook Image Dimensions for your Page?  Want to know ALL image sizes, including ads? Jon Loomer has created a standout guide of all the image sizes in use on Facebook that every marketing person needs! This is simply the best resource we’ve seen compiled on Facebook’s dimensions and […]

Add RSS-to-Email to your Blog to Increase Visitor Touch Points

Would you like to reach your site visitors again and again after they visit your blog? One way that businesses and organizations can increase readership of their blog posts and the touch points they have with visitor after the visit is by encouraging those visitors to subscribe to get new post alerts via email. The […]