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Growing Leads with Instagram and SnapChat - Straight from Sue B Zimmerman

June 23, 2016
  Are you growing leads with Instagram and SnapChat? Do you wish you were and want to know how to track the ROI? Sue gave away loads of creative ideas here! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast Sue B. Zimmerman drops in to drop some gold on ways to use Instagram and SnapChat […]

CoSchedule Plugin for WordPress: An Honest Review

June 21, 2016
Managing to-do lists is challenging. From time to time, we fail to meet our deadlines because we didn’t plan properly or we forgot the task altogether. This is especially true when you have a lot of work, and you're juggling multiple projects. With these issues, more professionals are using editorial calendars to help them stay […]

Engagement Keys in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

June 9, 2016
Are you engaging your web visitors and social media community? Do you have an "engagement" action plan"? Engagement in Your Digital Marketing Strategy is all about what you need to do at the TOP of your digital funnel to CONNECT. You NEED to be engaging your web and social community to build rapport.  I talk about how to do […]

Tracking Traffic from Social Media and Mobile Devices with Google Analytics

May 31, 2016
Knowing your audience is one of the fundamentals of marketing, and an important step for getting better conversions. In today's world, simple web traffic knowledge is not enough. You need to have an understanding of deeper data points such as your social and mobile audiences as well. These audiences are having more and more of […]

Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content Tips

May 26, 2016
Are you attracting enough visitors to your website?   Do you have an "attraction plan"?  Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content Tips in the Digital Marketing Funnel is all about what you need to do at the TOP of your funnel. You NEED to be attracting more of the right top of visitors.  I talk about how to do […]

Using Waftio for Surveys

May 24, 2016
Finding a cost-effective, and efficient method of generating leads is always at the top of marketers lists. Surveys are a great way to interact with your target consumer base and gauge your brand's marketability based on its reception by the public.  If you keep them simple, surveys can be a great way to learn and […]

Keys to Networking Offline

May 19, 2016
In today’s climate of frantic and frequent online promotion, too many businesses – it seems – have shelved the importance of offline networking. This is a mistake that needs to be corrected in this digital age!  Meeting IRL (in real life) matters!  It develops a rapport with prospective customers far better than a video can […]

Perfect Audience - Tool for Retargeting

May 17, 2016
Marketing personalization is a rapidly growing arena in online marketing. This applies to every industry; tech, retail, auto, etc. If you can personalize your marketing to viewers, it builds trust and rapport that can lead to sales and loyalty. According to Forbes, personalization is the key to the future of marketing. And at Entrepreneur, they […]

How to Amplify your Content in Today’s Busy Online World

May 12, 2016
   How can you get heard today? It's all about how to amplify your content in a super-busy online world! Bottom line: It's crazy noisy online today.  The rate at which new content is added is exploding!  The average Facebook user has the potential to see 1500 unique posts in their News Feed during a […]

TubeBuddy: Your Best Friend for YouTube Channel Management

May 10, 2016
It's no secret that video is fast becoming the most effective means of publishing content and building an audience. People are watching more and more video online thanks to high-speed Internet and smartphones.  YouTube is an obvious destination for video content creators seeking an inexpensive home for their videos and a chance for the videos […]

Keeping your WordPress Site Safe: Security Tips

May 3, 2016
Keeping your WordPress site safe is important, and also challenging! Wordpress holds the lion’s share (possibly as high as 59.3%) of the content management market across today’s websites. Unfortunately, being at the top of the charts in popularity also makes this open-source tool a top hacking target.  It makes sense.  If you can hack a […]

How to Automate Social Media without Seeming Like a Robot

April 21, 2016
It's a difficult balance. Automating social media can save you a lot of time in your busy schedule. But social media is by nature a social, personal platform. Too much automation can cause you lose that personal feeling that's so important to social media interaction. People don't want to interact with robots! But we understand […]

Google Analytics Basics: Breaking it Down for ROI Tracking

April 14, 2016
Are you using Google Analytics on your website? Do you know the Google Analytics basics? Are you overwhelmed by all it's features and options?  Still hopeful that you can actually use it for ROI Tracking of your online marketing efforts? There's hope!  Google Analytics is a powerful and often overwhelming tool with loads of options. However, […]

SEO Tips: What Matters Today for Business Websites

March 31, 2016
Staying current on SEO Tips is critical for business success on the web today. The web changes rapidly and SEO changes each year because search engine algorithms change.  A search engine algorithm is the set of rules that a search engine like Google uses to determine what is the "best" search results for a search […]

Business Uses of Facebook's New Notify App

March 1, 2016
Facebook is stepping up again to show it wants to remain your number 1 favorite social media platforms with their newest mobile app, Notify. Notify was created to keep you posted on news, weather, trends, sports and everything you want to know immediately with simple smartphone notifications. Notify lets you select from over 70 "stations" […]

How To Use Google Apps To Organize Your Virtual Team

February 23, 2016
One of the biggest problems with work projects today is finding the right way to communicate effectively online. Every team has dreamed of finding a way to work on the same presentations, documents, and spreadsheets without thousands of emails going back and forth. Enter Google Apps: A powerful online suite of business software tools from […]

4 Key Tips for your Email Marketing

February 16, 2016
  As your business seeks to grow, one method to help is to setup an automated sales pipeline on your website that uses email.  This use of automated “drip marketing” emails is an efficient way for a business to grow leaders and nurture a prospect in the journey to becoming a customer. The key is […]

4 Keys Vital for Business Website Success

February 4, 2016
Is your website setup for success this year? Are you covering the vital keys necessary for growing a strong online business website presence? Have you stopped to review your site lately? If you hesitated on ANY of these questions, this episode is for you!  I'll cover the 4 keys vital for business website success this […]

How to Create an Instagram Ad

February 2, 2016
Instagram continues to grow in users and business uses. It’s a great visual platform and many businesses are seeing the power of connecting with their ideal customer audiences on the social network. Running Instagram Ads is a great way to harness the power of this social media powerhouse to reach more of your ideal audience. […]

LinkedIn Free vs LinkedIn Premium

January 26, 2016
When people think of social media, the two platforms that come to mind first are typically Facebook and Twitter. However, in the business community, LinkedIn is the dominant social network of the professional community. Users spend an average of nearly 10 minutes per day on the social platform. Users of LinkedIn say they are 50% […]
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