Digital Signage Made Easy with Look Digital Signage

Digital Signage Made Easy with Look Digital Signage

Over time, digital signage has changed the signage realm, introducing advanced features that greatly benefit businesses. However, despite the surge in popularity, most businesses face challenges in finding good digital signage solutions. Well, if you are in this fold, Look Digital Signage solutions can be the best for your business. With various digital signage product offerings and solutions to various businesses, your business can benefit immensely by adopting this easy-to-use online setup digital signage solution.

The guide below highlights Looks’ key details.

How It Works

Setting up digital signage can be quite complicated but Look Digital Signage makes it easy. With a tablet or PC and a reliable internet connection, the solution does everything for you. To begin, you should install Look player on your screen to make the screens remotely managed. Depending on your screen of choice, you can either;

  1. Install the free Look application from Google Play
  2. Plug in Look media player through an HDMI to your screen

With this, you don’t have to install additional software on your screens. You only have to create a personal account from the friendly web-interface to create and manage your broadcasting scenarios. You can use various CMS functionalities to create various broadcasting schedules on specific screens or a group of screens.

Digital Signage Made Easy with Look Digital Signage

Key Features

Compared to other digital signage solutions, Look is a powerful option for many reasons. The package offers more than the creation of eye-catching advertising scenarios. Some feature highlights of this digital signage solution include;

  • Impressive layout design – a proper layout is an important element in any effective visual marketing strategy. Look Digital Signage is an extremely flexible tool that enables users to create multiple broadcasting sections within one screen with ease.
  • Customizable areas – as mentioned, you can divide the screen into multiple areas. That aside, you can customize the different sections, use different contents, and more.
  • Great graphics editor – you should create eye-catching scenarios by tweaking the graphics of the editor. Choose multiple colors, opacity levels, fonts, layers, and more.
  • Offline playback – while you require a reliable internet connection when setting up the scenarios, you don’t need a permanent connection to keep your screen running. Internet is only important when uploading new content, monitoring the screen’s status, or changing the settings. Since all content, including photos and videos, are uploaded and stored in the player, playback proceeds normally, even when in offline mode. This eliminates the possibility of blank screens commonly experienced with other digital signage solutions.
  • 24/7 support – Look also excels in providing outstanding customer support. You can always reach them any time or day of the week if you need immediate solutions to arising issues. You can reach customer support through online chats from your personal account or tickets.
  • Smart scheduling – the tool has flexible tools that make it easy to plan your broadcast scenarios in advance. For instance, with the 24-hour cycle, you can set the broadcasting duration and start time for individual content within the scenarios. You can also schedule calendar expiry times for specific content, mute specific content in the broadcast, and set playback guides for broadcast videos.
  • Multi-user access – if you run your digital signage adverts as a team, Look allows multiple access options. As the manager, you can invite moderators and assign access rights to specific CMS sections according to their roles.
  • True 4K resolution – if your screen supports 4k, the tool delivers content in this exact resolution.
  • Screen grouping – you can group multiple screens to play the same content scenarios in a specific order.
  • Multi-language support – the platform supports up to 7 languages.
  • Screen settings – you can easily change the orientation, sleep mode, time, and reboot your screens remotely.
  • Inbuilt statistics – analytics are important in evaluating the success of any marketing strategy. You can easily monitor and download statistics about content impressions.

Who Can Use Look?

Look is a versatile digital signage solution that can be used in various industries. The following businesses can integrate Look into their digital signage solution for assured advertising efficiency;

  • Retail stores – users can easily schedule promos and manage broadcastings remotely.
  • Banking – Look makes it easy to build an effective digital communication medium with customers in your branch.
  • Healthcare – this easy-to-use digital kiosk and signage solution enables healthcare providers to inform, entertain, and reduce waiting time for patients and visitors in waiting bays.
  • Advertising companies – digital marketers can launch and change their campaign strategies, monitor, and get real-time analytics.
  • Education – you can boost students’ engagement rates by creating a unified infotainment channel.
  • Fitness – create adverts, run insightful fitness and nutrition news, and market your products to fitness enthusiasts.
  • Corporate – build and maintain effective communication channels within the corporate environment.


The use of digital signage is currently on the rise as most users report its positive impacts on their businesses. However, the success of digital signage not only depends on the hardware and software components. You should also select the right digital signage player. Priced to help your business get started, Look is a feature-rich option that makes it easy to achieve the goals and benefits of using digital signage in your business.

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