ViralTag Marketing Platform for Visual Content

ViralTag Marketing Platform for Visual Content

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their clients and attract potential customers. It has leveled the playing field as small start-ups now have the ability to compete directly with major corporations.

Corporations do have the name recognition and deeper pockets for spending, but if a small to medium size business properly uses social media to interact with their online community, they can compete and become a key player in their particular industry.

Of course, not all small business owners are born social marketing experts, so knowing exactly how to use social media is something new. Using a service like ViralTag can pay huge dividends in growing the business, creating efficiencies and attracting the right customers.

What is ViralTag Exactly?

Business owners are incredibly short on time. ViralTag makes publishing to multiple social media accounts through one service easy. After all, continually signing in to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. is time-consuming, yet regularly posting to these accounts is extremely important. This is where ViralTag comes in. It offers a marketing platform for visual content, so posting regularly scheduled image updates to all your social media accounts, including Pinterest is possible.

With the easy to use platform, a user can upload images, tag specific content and include links to desirable information. They tell ViralTag when and where to make the posts. All of this only takes a few minutes, so the owner can be off completing their daily work while their social media marketing campaigns are nearly self-sufficient.


Organization can be the difference between a successful small business and a closed business. This is true for both the physical world and the digital one. This is why ViralTag provides integration with some of the best platforms around. ViralTag integrates with and uses:

  • Chrome Extension
  • Dropbox
  • Picassa
  • RSS Feeds

These are different file storage platforms and tools, which are free to use. A business owner can save images they wish to upload, written text they wish to blog and other content directly into these services. They, when the designated post time arrives, ViralTag uses the saved information and posts the content. Through the cloud storage integration, there is no limit to what a business owner can store or post!

ViralTag Marketing Platform for Visual Content

Interactive Experience

Social media is supposed to be interactive. Now, a business owner usually doesn't have the time to sit on their phone and swipe away at tweets or look at new Pinterest boards. Even social media gurus and managers for larger companies don't have time for this.

But, it's important to respond to tagged tweets and messages through social media, and ViralTag takes this to the next level. It can connect different businesses that might have a shared interests. Through the "Discover" tag in the platform, it is possible to look at what the competition is showcasing or find potential business partners through their own updated content.

ViralTag Marketing Platform for Visual Content

By bringing together possible partners, it offers a valuable networking opportunity that simply would not be there. Many image-based social media networks like Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and others do not have a true networking option. This curation feed helps bridge the gap.

For small to medium size businesses, ViralTag can truly boost your social media marketing.


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