Social Media Updates February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!  On this day of love we share the love about some great new social media updates you need to know about!



LinkedIn Live Debuts

Let’s dig into the biggest recent news…. LinkedIn is launching a live video option!  This will give people and organizations the ability to broadcast real-time video to select groups, or to the LinkedIn community at large.

Launching in beta first in the U.S., LinkedIn Live will be invite-only at first. In coming weeks, LinkedIn will also post a contact form for others who want to get in on the action.

Why It Matters

Live video has performed well on Facebook and Instagram, and with YouTube rolling it out with success, it only makes sense that the premier business social network would get in on the action.  Live video is becoming a staple, something businesses need to explore and use. If you haven’t tried any live video, it’s time to experiment because this trend is becoming a standard with these types of moves.


New Feature for Facebook Page Admins

Facebook has a new feature that allows for a much easier process of responding to messages from Instagram. Page admins can reply to Instagram Direct Messages from their Facebook Page inbox. So, now you can respond to all messages from Instagram and Facebook in one place.

Why It Matters

This is great! Now, all it takes is going to your Facebook Admin page to respond to messages from your Facebook and Instagram pages. You can save time by answering all the questions from two platforms in one!  It’s another powerful cross-platform tool, one of many more you will see from Facebook with Instagram and What’s App in the coming year.

Facebook Pilot Program

Facebook’s goal is to bring people together and one way they do this is through groups and communities. As a way to let groups collaborate, Facebook is launching a pilot program which will expand subscription groups to more partners and allow relevant Pages to join their communities.

Why It Matters

Last June subscription groups were launched. This new feature will expand these subscriptions by allowing different groups to collaborate and grow their communities.  It’s one to watch. Facebook wants to continue to see what will inspire users to stay and spend more time, and so they will test ideas like this continually to see if it takes off.


Instagram Stories Filters/Lenses

Do you like adding filters and lenses to your images? Now you can use all filters and lenses in already EXISTING photos that you have. This is a great way to reuse photos you have taking up storage and create some new content to draw people’s attention.

Why It Matters

With Instagram having over 500 million users, it important to have a social media presence on the platform. By using the filters and lenses on Instagram Stories you can help create unique content for your business to stand out among the rest and draw people to your page.  It’s a page taken from SnapChat and one that pushes SnapChat even further from our business minds.

Donation Button on Instagram Stories

Just like Facebook’s Charitable giving, which has raised over one billion dollars for nonprofit organizations, Instagram will soon be getting a sticker in Instagram Stories that will allow people to donate to and support nonprofits.

Why It Matters

The charitable giving on Facebook has been a popular way for people to raise money for non-profit organizations they believe in. Now that Instagram has added this similar donate button sticker to Stories it will be a great way to reach even more users to raise money for non-profit organizations. Adding a donate button to Instagram Stories, may lead Instagram Stories to become an ever more present way to expand other e-commerce activities.


Pinterest Expands E-Commerce Potential

Pinterest is a great discovery tool to find ideas and products. They just announced a new development that will improve the ‘Shop the Look’ tool. Pinterest is going to automate the tool to add more buying options for products that you view on the platform. Automating the tool will increase the coverage as a whole.

Why It Matters

Pinterest has carved themselves a unique niche that makes them stand out differently from social media platforms. It is a way for brands to gain new leads from their ideas and products and their tool ‘Shop the Look’ is a way directly connect people to make purchases of products they find. Utilizing both social media platforms and Pinterest can be a great way to gain new followers and then retain them.


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