Grow Website Traffic: Use Apps to Embed Social Media


I've talked before about the way social media has changed things for businesses.  Today we'll look at how it can be used ON YOUR SITE to grow website traffic!

Social media brings a "real-time" online impact to a company.  It has shifted communication from "one-sided" (where only the company talks) to two-sided, meaning companies that want to thrive need to engage and answer the questions from interested visitors and followers, or risk losing them as a customer.   Social Media has enabled small and medium sized businesses to reach farther, deeper, and wider than they ever could before to extend their customer base, understand their clients, and deepen loyalty.  The key, however, is in managing the social media side well and integrating it into one's overall marketing strategy because:

social media alone is not a complete online marketing strategy.

One Key:

One of the key ways social media can benefit a business is to attract more of the ideal audience of a company.  The key then is bringing that conversation back to the website, i.e. the home base, of a business online.

The more a business can drive traffic to their site, the more opportunity they have to manage the conversation and interaction with the visitor.  A valuable way to use social media at its best and increase traffic to one's company website is to bring the social media network "within" the company website!

Where once the social media conversation needed to take place solely on that network, now a brand can engage with a fan on a network like Instagram or Pinterest, but they can also bring that conversation to their website by using apps to embed those social networks right within their website.

The Marauders Open on Instagram - RLT & SV Prowlers' - www_desluipers_nl_tennis_de-sluipers-open_de-sluipers-open-op-instagram

This allows for a conversation that is seamless in either location, on the social network or on the website, and ultimately allows the business to more creatively use the social media integration in their website.  The value to a business is that they can leverage social media on their site, as well as bring more interactive and engaging components to their existing website, all without any significant web development costs.

Here are three simple apps that TabSite offers to users to enhance their website with powerful social features.

Embed your Instagram Acct on your Website

A single picture does communicate at least what 1000 words can!

Instagram is a powerful image and video driven mobile app where users can follow brands and comment on brand photos.  Since a company owns their web presence, why not bring the power of those visuals and the conversation to your website?   You can with the Instagram App.

You want more traffic on your website, this is one way to bring the conversation to your site.   See my Instagram account on myself here.  I created this by using the Instagram App embedded it by pasting the code given into my web page.  It's a seamless in use and easy for any website manager to add… and it can add a ton of value to your website if Instagram is a key place where your customers spend time.

For restaurants, retailers and clothing shops, adding the Instagram app can be a key feature to enhance their website.

Showcase a Pinterest Board

Is your ideal audience active on Pinterest?

Then embed a Pinterest Board on a page in your website.  People can follow, share, etc. right from there!  The rest of your marketing efforts are geared to driving visitors to your website, why not also bring in your Pinterest account or a few important Pinterest boards so that your visitors can interact with them right there and not need to leave?

gallery-pinterest-web embed

View a live example of a Pinterest board embedded in the TabSite website as a gallery feature by visiting

Run a Contest! Website & Facebook

As with all of the TabSite apps, they can be added to your website and also to your Facebook Page.  This means you can reach fans in both places.  In the past 2 years, contests on Facebook have been a way for businesses to increase interest, reach new potential customers, and grow leads.  The opportunity exists to do this and yet also take it up a notch with a Photo or Video Contest, or even a  Sweepstakes enter-to-win giveaway promotion that visitors can access on your website (or Facebook….or on both)!


Bringing the app to your website gives you:

  • More control over user experience
  • More traffic to your website
  • More opportunities for lead capture on your site

You own your site, use it!  Use the TabSite Apps to bring more interactive tools to the web visitor…

on your website!!

What do you think?  Ready to bring some social networks to your website?


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