The Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends Heading into 2020


The global internet population stands at 4.5 billion. This serves as good news for businesses, as they use digital platforms to get the word out about their brand. It is projected that by 2021, 2.14 billion people will be shopping online. Leveraging the internet and digital platforms in your marketing campaigns is critical nowadays and can take your business to the next level. The digital marketing space is fluid and dynamic. Therefore staying updated with the trends can give you a competitive advantage as you adapt and adjust quickly.  Now is the time to put these digital marketing trends, heading into 2020, into action.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends Heading into 2020

Live Streaming Growth

Facebook videos get over 8 billion views every day. Customers want videos every step of their buying process. Videos enhance engagement and increase the likelihood of making conversions. Using high-quality videos can help you create a positive perception of your brand.

Live streaming product launches, events, and explainers can help you reach audiences on an unrivaled scale. Investing in videos and live streaming in your marketing campaigns can help you manipulate your audience consuming habits.

Consider “micro live streams” where you go online more frequently but for shorter bursts of 2-5 minutes to share, inform, engage, and connect with your fans and followers.  Be where your audience is the most whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Voice Search

In 2020, 50% of the searches will be either voice search or images.  Alexa and Google Assistant and voice on mobile phones simply continue to grow in use. Hence, incorporating voice search options on your website can boost your SEO and your “VO” or voice optimization. Voice assistants are becoming popular with smartphone users and this allows you to reach a prominent and targeted digital-savvy audience.

Influencer Marketing

74% of digital marketers believe that the best way consumers can connect with brands is through influencers. The influencer marketing budget for brands will increase in 2020. The traffic generated through influencer marketing is more targeted and of higher quality. Influencers have an emotional connection with their followers not to mention a large and active following. This makes them the best customer engagement tools.  How can you find ways to engage with relevant persons of influence to your audience? Don’t neglect the smaller local influencers! For example, a local sports coach might be valuable for your sporting goods store, or a local florist for your craft store. Think outside the box!

Artificial Intelligence

AI adoption in digital marketing is projected to be 155%. Businesses will be using artificial intelligence and machine learning to get accurate marketing insights. Artificial intelligence can be used to predict customer behavior. This can help your brand identify and target customers who are likely to respond to your offer. So be on the lookout for ways you can hone in on your customer audience better through AI tools that emerge.

Data analysis through AI can help you provide users with a personalized experience. Through machine learning, you can understand your audience and unlock opportunities.

Email Marketing Carries On

The number of email users is projected to grow to 4.1 billion. Email marketing can deliver an excellent ROI for your brand. User-generated content such as reviews, testimonials, and customer feedback can be used to achieve credibility and boost engagement.

Calls-to-action, polls, and surveys conducted through emails can boost responses to your email marketing campaigns and enhance interactivity. Moreover, email marketing will promote data-driven and effective marketing campaigns. Automation, data analytics, and personalization are the email marketing trends to look out for.

Interactive Content

As more brands adopt content marketing, it becomes hard for your brand to stand out through this tool. Interactive content will take over in 2020, as consumers’ attention to traditional content decreases. Consumers prefer content they can get active experience from, and they can participate.

Using quizzes and calls-to-actions can make your content more engaging and interactive. Solution builders can also be used to make your content interactive. This tool can help users to make informed purchasing decisions by providing them with detailed answers to their challenges. Interactive content meets your customer’s demand for content that caters to their interests.

In summary, staying updated with digital marketing trends puts you at an advantage. The insights can help you create effective digital marketing strategies that can grow your brand. Live streaming and videos are among the digital marketing trends to leverage in your campaigns. Artificial intelligence can help you take a targeted approach in your marketing efforts.

Consider these 6 digital marketing trends heading into 2020.  And for a 7th, consider that text message marketing is emerging as a powerful marketing nurture option.  Tools like are offering simple ways to send bulk sms text marketing messages that can keep your business top of mind.

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