Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies.

Black Friday is coming soon, and then Cyber Monday quickly follows. Since the two occur on the last weekend of November, in 2021 they will take place on November 26 and November 29, respectively. It's time to think about Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies.

This means that we’re only a few weeks off from arguably the most significant two days in the small business calendar. Last year, businesses generated $9 billion on Black Friday, that’s 21.6% more than in 2019. Meanwhile, Cyber Monday deals earned small businesses over $10.8 billion, a 15% increase from the year before. However, this year could be even bigger.

As more people than ever before are shopping online over instore, experts project record-breaking Thanksgiving sale revenue. Black Friday sales will likely break the $12 billion mark for the first time, while Cyber Monday sales could hit a record $11.8 billion.

These projections point to increasing sales opportunities for small businesses. However, you must be smart as the competition will be stiffer given the strong shift to e-commerce in the past two years. We’ve identified five simple hacks to help you set up for success. Try these ideas to jump-start your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies.

1. Create a masterplan

The first thing you need is a plan that captures your key strategies for the period leading to, during, and immediately after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although the details are up to you, we recommend that you schedule at least one Black Friday buzz-building campaign. This should include cutdown sales, deals, or specials. Consider using an influencer and micro-influencer engagement strategy to boost word of mouth, and add in post-Cyber Monday deals and campaigns.

2. Start your campaign early

One of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition is to start your marketing early. Our experts recommend buying traffic early (before costs rise) and building social audiences before the competition stiffens. Starting early also increases your chances of staying top of mind throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. Another tip to consider is building anticipation through social media. You should also segment your emails before and during the two days.

3. Fix site performance in advance

Site performance can make or break your Thanksgiving weekend if you’re a small business owner. A reliable site performance guarantees constant traffic and significant sales, however, a slow site can cost you customers. It may even crash before you get to Cyber Monday. So, make sure your website is fast enough, keeping in mind that it can take just a second’s delay to lose 30% of web traffic. Additionally, make sure you optimize your site for mobile searches.

4. Brainstorm high-return strategies

Competing on Black Friday through to Cyber Monday often comes down to savviness. Typically, the smartest businesses will win the traffic. Therefore, you need to begin thinking about some low-cost D-Day strategies with the highest return. Some of the best options that worked in the last two years are;

5. Personalize your campaign

Personalization has become one of the best ways to generate more leads and close sales. According to one Epsilon Marketing study, 80% of customers are more likely to do business with a brand that offers personalized experiences. Detecting their device type to offer a smooth browsing experience, addressing customers by name in email and chats, and awarding discounts based on user profile are some of the best ways to personalize your marketing campaign.

Don’t Forget Post-Sale Services

Ensure a smooth checkout process and make the experience even more satisfying by offering goodies such as free shipping (for selected products) and post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday loyalty points.

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