Tips for marketing on Facebook with the New iOS14 Privacy Changes

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The new Apple iOS14 update has created a lot of excitement for iPhone customers with the new power to control app tracking for ad use. However, this update brings along apprehension to marketers and business owners. The update will affect data tracking permissions and the efficacy of Facebook ads. Notable changes with the iOS14 privacy changes update are to privacy and data sharing policies, otherwise known as Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Framework. This move aims to give Apple users more control over their privacy online.

However, business owners fear that consumers won’t allow tracking across the internet, which they currently require to measure the efficacy of Facebook ad campaigns. This change applies to all apps in the App Store, including Facebook apps such as Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. If this update will affect your business, the following tips can help you maneuver around the iOS14 privacy changes update.

Segment Your Audience to Android and iOS Users

One way to avoid these changes is to target Android audiences only. The update will only affect iOS users. Therefore the targeting of Android device users won’t be affected. Ideally, you would track both Android and iOS users. However, data collected from iOS users will now be incomplete, thus it may be best to work with Android users only.

That said, when creating Facebook campaigns that target conversions, consider changing the “Specific Mobile Devices & Operating Systems” option to Android devices only.

Enable Value Optimization

Once the updates roll out, Facebook and related apps will track very few platform users. However, to compensate for this shortage, Facebook has made some changes for marketers to use value optimization. Value optimization allows marketers to bid for high-value users or target audiences who will most likely take the ideal action.

However, you should prove that you are eligible for value optimization by fulfilling several requirements. These requirements state that marketers should have an active product catalog or pixel. They must also have over 100 optimized purchases within the last ten days, and over ten different purchases within seven days.

Update Facebook SDK

iOS 14 will affect the performance and measurement of Facebook ads within apps. Therefore, Facebook recommends that marketers should update their iOS Facebook SDK to version 8.1 or higher. If your adverts require a Facebook login, you should update to version 9 at least. By updating to one of these versions you can continue providing personalized ads to users of iOS.

Use Independent Tracking and Customer Retargeting Options

Some Facebook campaigns will automatically lose efficacy once the iOS14 privacy changes update is fully implemented. Therefore, you should prepare early by exploring alternative strategies for testing the performance of your ads. Begin by using different bid types, events, and audience definitions in your Facebook ad testing.

You can also stop monitoring website conversions from Facebook. Instead, opt to use your website’s tracking system when monitoring where your traffic comes from and their activities on your website.

Choose 8 Priority Events

The update places a limit on the number of events that you can rank and use to track conversions in your Events Manager. Therefore, you should decide on the eight valuable Pixel events that are most important to your business. Initially, Facebook automatically chooses the eight high-priority events. However, you can change the automatic selections and reorder them according to those you deem important. Note that other events not included in the eight priority ad sets will be paused.

Final Thoughts

The new iOS14 privacy changes update is leaving most business owners and marketers concerned about the ability to target users effectively. Not to mention the concern around measuring conversions, and generating leads from Facebook and Facebook-associated apps. Unfortunately, the true effect of this update remains unknown until the final version is rolled out completely. Nonetheless, marketers should look into finding alternative ways of marketing their business effectively to minimize the effects. Other social media platforms have ad options as well and it may be time to evaluate some shift in strategy.

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