Techniques to Acquire New Customers in 2022

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2021 wasn’t too bad a year for small businesses. Although over 200,000 SMBs closed doors between March 2020 and February 2021, according to the Federal Reserve, at least 4.3 million new small business applications have been filed since then. This shows the resilience of the average small business. Many business owners are willing to do anything to keep their investments going.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few clever ideas to help you acquire even more customers in the coming year.

1. Outline your success strategy

The first step to gaining new customers and taking your business forward in 2022 is to have a set plan. Have a vision of where you want to be, then brainstorm and research ways to get there. Also, remember to analyze your 2021 hits and misses. This will allow you to identify gaps you should fill in the coming year. Starting the year with clear goals and business objectives gives you a better shot at success.

2. Expand your online footprint

The average consumer spends most of their time online. Indeed, 97% of purchase journeys start online. So, hopefully, you already have a beautiful website. If not, that’s where you should begin. In addition, consider diversifying your marketing channels by taking advantage of popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Email, newsletters, search engines, and blogs are other must-have digital marketing platforms you should use if you want to break into new markets.

3. Take advantage of proven lead magnets

Although you’re free to dangle whatever you wish in front of your leads to convince them to take the next step, a few proven lead magnets guarantee greater value. Top of the list are workbooks, case studies, and checklists that customers can download. Additionally, consider webinars and white paper guides for more educated demographics. These resources can quickly endear customers to a brand.

4. Invest in user experiences (UX)

You’re likely already aware of the increasing importance of user experience in marketing. But perhaps you’re still not convinced. Well, consider that the top companies leading in user experience outperformed the S&P index by 35% in 2021. For one, better UX design increases website conversion rates by up to 400%. Additionally, 23% of customers who have a positive experience tell ten or more people about it. So, investing some funds into UX is bound to boost your business in the coming year.

5. Personalize your marketing

Marketing personalization is arguably the most significant trend at the moment. And, why not, when 80% of consumers only buy from companies that provide tailored experiences? In fact, 66% of consumers say they expect brands to understand their individual problems. Additionally,  71% say they are frustrated by impersonal shopping experiences.

6. Take reviews and UGC more seriously

Did you know that 54.7% of online shoppers read at least four product reviews before purchasing a product? Additionally, a recent report on shows that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as friends. Most consumers are also twice as likely to buy after reading positive reviews. Other user-generated content (UGC), including ratings, comments, likes, and retweets, are just as important. Therefore, you should encourage customers to leave reviews and be sure to respond to them as well. This is especially important with any negative feedback.

7. Work smarter with business tools

Business tools such as Business Intelligence (BI) software, are often the difference between a standard business and their highly successful counterparts. This can include analytics solutions, CRM software, and accounting solutions. These software programs can lower the cost of running the business, facilitate internal communications, improve productivity, and, most importantly, drive customer acquisition and loyalty.


Now you know what you should do to get more traffic, convert more leads, and acquire more customers in 2022. The best thing is that you can roll out many of these strategies right away without significant capital investment.

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