How Google Data Studio can Help Marketers


Enterprises are increasingly investing in business intelligence (BI) tools to hack the market and get ahead of the competition. As a result, analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Zoho, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI have become very popular.

Now, Google has another BI tool – the Google Data Studio. It helps you pull data from various sources and analyze the data for valuable insights.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a free data visualization and reporting tool. It allows marketers to build interactive dashboards and generate insightful, customized reports.

It pulls reports from unlimited sources, including Google consumer products such as YouTube and Search Console. Then, it combines them into easily modifiable, shareable, and readable reports. Marketers can also take advantage of Data Studio’s visualization tools.

The main goal of Google Data Studio is to help marketing teams save time and money by creating and sharing insightful reports quickly and conveniently. Additionally, it can help teams make faster and more informed decisions for increasing ROI.

Data Studio has been around since 2018, initially as a paid tool known as Google Data Studio 360. However, it was recently revamped and now comes completely free of charge.

Six Benefits of Using Google Data Studio

Using Google Data Studio can be incredibly beneficial for digital marketers. The following are just a few reasons you should consider utilizing it today.

1. Pull data from multiple sources

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using Google Data Studio. Where Google Analytics allows a maximum of 12 data sources, Data Studio allows you to pull and pool data from as many locations as you wish. You can pull data from YouTube, Google Ads, YouTube, Search Console, and CloudSQL, among others.

2. Access unlimited widgets

If you’ve used Google Analytics before, you’ll be aware that it offers a maximum of 12 graphs or charts in reports. However, the revamped Google Data Studio lets you have as many widgets as you need. This includes pie charts, time-series graphs, and heat maps. Even better, you can manipulate the widgets with various metrics for greater accuracy and impact.

3. Easily share analytics reports

Downloading and sending files can be a time sink in collaborative environments where you need quick feedback. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about that as Data Studio incorporates Google’s excellent sharing tools. You can quickly and conveniently share links and allow others to view and customize reports. It also supports real-time editing.

4. Create ready-to-read reports

Data Studio allows you to break down reports into up to 20 pages. Moreover, you can adapt your reports to suit your organization’s unique needs. For instance, you can alter fonts, colors, sizes, themes, and all other design details. You can also annotate and brand your reports with text and images. There is even the ability to include links and clickable images to enhance value.

5. Export reports with ease

Once you finish creating your reports, you can export them to PDF, Excel, Google Sheets, and email. Moreover, you can schedule automated email exports. If you do so, Data Studio will automatically send PDF versions of the report to all specified individuals, from managers to clients.

6. Embed reports on social media

Finally, Google Data Studio allows marketers to easily share reports on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. This can be critical if you want to share your successes with your customers and other stakeholders. All you need to do is embed the report’s URL in your social media posts.

Try it Today

As you can see there are many benefits of Google Data Studio for marketers. And, as it is completely free to use, it is definitely worth trying. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the learning curve as it comes with detailed templates to walk you through it. Start saving time on reporting and get better insights into your analytics with Google Data Studio.

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