8 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rate

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Despite many marketing experts writing off the effectiveness of email marketing in the current age, it remains an essential part of marketing strategies. In fact, an estimated 97% of businesses still use it to connect with their customers. There are many great benefits of email marketing to a business, however, the biggest hurdle of this strategy is increasing the open rate. A good open and click-through rate can boost your conversion rate significantly. Implement the following strategies if you are currently struggling with a poor open rate.

Reevaluate Your Emails

Not all emails sent by a business will have an equal effect. Reevaluate the various types of emails you send your customers. From emails with promotional content, newsletters, and birthday rewards to welcome emails. HubSpot statistics estimate that up to 78% of customers unsubscribe from marketing emails because brands send them too many emails. Therefore, you should focus on sending the following four main emails;

  • Shopping cart abandonment email – to remind users of items in their shopping cart
  • Order confirmation email – to reassure clients, thank them for purchases made, and deliver additional incentives
  • Shipping confirmation email – to inform the buyer that their ordered good are in transit
  • Customer feedback email – request a buyer to complete a survey or a review. Also, offer an incentive for this.

All the above are transactional emails that help boost retention rates and receive more open rates.

Personalize Your Emails

Customers prefer reading emails specifically crafted for them and not your entire email list. Therefore, make an effort to personalize the emails, such as including the first name of your clients or sending them a promotion for their local store. Without a doubt, any extra effort used to set up personalization on emails is worth it, as they can improve open rates by 14% and convert 10% more.

Write Quality Content

Poorly written emails will drown all your email marketing efforts as your messages will lose value. Prospective customers look forward to emails that answer their problems and provide tips and tricks, relevant promotions, money-saving deals, or other intriguing information. If you aren’t sure of how to achieve this, check out these examples for some inspiration.

Make Your Emails Easy to Share

Complementing your social media and email marketing strategies improves the reach of your marketing emails. Making it possible for readers to share your emails through Facebook or Twitter opens up your business to a larger audience. It also provides more engagement opportunities. Besides including a social media share button on your emails, share some emails on your social media platforms.

Use an Interesting Subject Line

While everyone will read the subject line, not all will be compelled to open the email. Therefore, to boost your open rates, use the following techniques in your subject line;

  • Include a sense of humor
  • Ask a question
  • Show time or quantity scarcity
  • Use emojis – surprisingly, emojis increase open rates. So much so that 56% of companies reported increased open rates when using emojis over those that didn’t.

Optimize Emails for Mobile

Don’t worry too much about desktop readers, instead focus on mobile users. If your emails can’t open properly on mobile devices, you are probably losing a lot of traffic. Smartphones are estimated to contribute to at least 50% of email opens. And, often those that don’t open correctly are deleted within 3 seconds.

Make Use of the First 25 Words

The introductory lines of your email are crucial. Therefore, make sure that you state the purpose of the email within the first 25 words to capture immediate attention. Most readers read the first few lines before deciding if it’s worth reading. Take advantage of these few seconds.

Use Email Authentication

Sending fake emails, such as spoofing and phishing, is very easy. Therefore, to protect customers, email providers, such as Gmail, use a system that verifies senders. Make an effort to authenticate your emails to increase open rates. This is a simple way of letting subscribers know that the messages are real.

Final Thoughts

Even though email marketing is challenging to comprehend and get good results, improving your open rates is possible. Just make sure your marketing email stands out from other competitors.

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