Customer Insights More Important than Ever in 2022

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With the world adjusting to the new normal after several months of uncertainty, businesses and entrepreneurs have endured irreversible changes. The preceding pandemic, even though unprecedented, provided insights into the essentials of keeping a business operational. Unfortunately, most businesses are unprepared and stuck with old operating models, which prevent them from attracting and serving their customers satisfactorily.

Besides the changing business environment, customer expectations have also changed. Just providing good customer service isn’t enough anymore, as customers expect more. Thus, your customer experience should be smooth and overly personalized to keep them coming back. As customer experience becomes more important, businesses should focus on meeting their client expectations. Thereby, making it easier to gather the necessary customer insights.

What Are Customer Insights?

Customer insights essentially revolve around understanding your customers. Good customer insights mean that a business understands customer behavior, specific needs, and preferences. Businesses can communicate with customers better and on a personal level by collecting this necessary information.

Interestingly, to have an accurate understanding, you have to collect customer data. This can include purchase patterns, browser history, demographics, how they respond to campaigns, and returns. Customer insights are significant as they form the basis of business success in the modern era. Therefore, understanding how your customers or prospects feel, what they desire, and why they need certain products/services make it easier to tailor your marketing campaigns.

How to Collect Customer Insights

As mentioned, to understand your customers, you should gather data from various sources. Below are some ways that businesses can gather customer insights;

  • Feedback surveys – in some situations, asking customers their thoughts about your business is the best option. A HubSpot report noted that 56% of businesses get accurate feedback by running feedback surveys. This is because they provide qualitative feedback. Surveys are a great way of collecting genuine information about your brand, products, and services.
  • Reviewscustomer reviews are another great way of gathering customer insights. Unfortunately, not all businesses care about customer reviews. Note that reviews won’t necessarily be about your product quality. They also provide an opportunity to interact and engage your customers.
  • Behavioral data – this refers to data gathered based on how customers behave when using your brand products and services. The best way to collect this information is through social media or website analytics. This can help you understand what makes customers purchase your products. It can also show you why or when they choose not to buy your products.
  • Sentiment analysis – this involves the use of artificial intelligence tools to monitor how your business name is used online. This technique allows you to track important keywords, brand names, mentions, and competitors in your industry.

How to Use Customer Insights in 2022

Despite its importance, many businesses don’t know how to take advantage of customer insights to benefit their sales. Therefore, if you are in this fold, below are some customer insights usage tips;

  • Shorten customer journey – chances are you don’t know why prospects and customers stop using your products or services. If that’s the case, analyzing customer data and reviews can help you understand why they stop. As a result, you can optimize the customer journey better for a friendlier customer experience.
  • Improve product functionality – gathering customer insights is among the best ways of understanding your product functionality. It is through this that you can identify areas that need improvement, appeal to new customers, enhance user experience, and eliminate competition.
  • Marketing strategy – as you evaluate customer insights, you will also identify common customer patterns. These can come in handy when developing user-centered marketing campaigns.


Customer insights indicate whether your products effectively solve customer needs and pain points. Listening to your customers also enables you to extend your product capacities or develop new products that target specific customer demands. Focus on using customer insights to improve your marketing, product development, and website for success in 2022.

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