Mobile App Growth in 2020 is a Trend that will Continue

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Most people rely on smartphones in their daily lives. From communicating and networking to managing their finances and purchasing products, mobile devices have become a must-have. This is an indication of how important developing a mobile app for your business can be. Apps are not only your client’s access portal to your business but also help boost brand awareness and develop a loyal audience.

Depending on its features, mobile apps can help foster customer interaction, enable customers to make easy purchases, and offer direct communication. Due to these benefits, approximately 42% of small businesses already have mobile apps, while 30% have plans to build one. However, you should consider several factors before developing an app for your business.

What to Consider When Investing in a Mobile App

Business owners should analyze the following when investing in a mobile app;

  • The customer journey – evaluate how you communicate with your clients. Will the mobile app simplify and improve communications?
  • How it will affect your business – have clear goals and objectives for the app. Gauge whether it will increase sales, boost customer loyalty, or focus on conversions.
  • Launch an affordable version to test customer interest. If you see good results from the first iteration, advance the app.

The growth in mobile app use became clear in 2020, thanks to the COVID pandemic. However, this trend is poised to continue. Below are mobile app trends to consider going forward.

1. Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

EMM helps in streamlining mobile computing processes in a business. This platform enables businesses to authorize mobile devices used by employees on the company network securely. This strengthens your business’ security and improves staff productivity.

2. Beacon Technology

Beacon tech is another significant mobile app trend that has been adopted by several industries. This incredible location and proximity technology helps with marketing. Beacon uses wireless transmitters and Bluetooth technology to transmit signals.

3. 5G Technology

With incredible speeds, 5G technology is faster than 4G and any other mobile technology. Smartphone companies such as Verizon and Samsung have already launched dedicated 5G chips. LG also has plans of fusing 5G services into its gadgets. With this, developers of mobile applications should take advantage of the fast network speeds to improve app performance.

4. Wearable Devices

The increasing popularity of wearable devices, such as fitness bands and smartwatches, is another trend that will continue to boost mobile app growth. Surprisingly, even after bringing in more than $33 billion in revenue the previous year, most mobile apps cannot integrate with wearable devices. As such, mobile app developers should focus on including integration options for wearable devices.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has led to significant breakthroughs in the development of mobile apps. AI has made apps smarter and is saving app developers significant amounts of effort, time, and money. Artificial intelligence works well with machine learning. Integrating machine learning with artificial intelligence gives mobile apps analytical abilities that work with user behavior. For instance, eCommerce apps can leverage this to make personalized recommendations to their customers.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is universally applicable, as it also influences mobile app development. While its integration may be slow compared to other mobile app technologies, most businesses have integrated this for financial transactions.

Mobile Apps are the Future

Without a doubt, mobile app growth is a trend that will continue. Furthermore, the introduction of mobile apps has reshaped how industries and businesses conduct businesses. However, as with any dynamic technology, businesses should keep informed about the latest mobile app trends to compete with others in the market. By using mobile apps, businesses can enjoy many benefits. For example; in-app payments, mobile notifications to boost customer engagements, geolocation features, and A/B testing. Get started on a mobile app for your business to start seeing boosted brand awareness and loyalty. To explore costs associated with developing an app, be sure to check out the app cost calculator I reviewed.

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