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Sales prospecting is not dead.  The hunt for the “key decision-maker” continues, but the process of finding access to those key leaders is shifting. Initially, businesses had to search for email addresses and other forms of contact information from the Internet. This process could be frustrating and endless, as you never were sure of potential customers and their contact information. Fortunately, with advancing technology, if you know the name or the role of the person you want to reach within a company, you can now more easily find their email contact, especially with the help of an online sales tool called

What is is a tool you should leverage to find and verify email contacts. This tool enables online marketing experts to conduct domain searches for their potential customers’ email addresses. The tool was launched by Francoise Grante in 2015, now a San Francisco-based company, and is available as an extension to Google Chrome and add-on to Google Sheets, as well as direct use on their website.

Who Should Use

Based on its functionality, digital marketers, sales account managers and entrepreneurs who need to reach key decision-makers within a company would want to use this tool. It benefits the sales and marketing departments the most, as they can easily hunt for very specific email contacts.

How Does Work?

The sales tool works by searching the internet for email results for you. Once you have integrated the tool into your browser, simply enter the website address in the search bar and click “find email address.” The tool will provide a list of all email contacts from the address. You can then verify and export the email addresses to your email list database.

How to Use

Installing and getting started with is simple. Just follow these steps;

  • Find extension on Google chrome or add-on in Google Sheets and install.
  • Sign up by entering your email address and click continue.
  • Fill in the required details, including your name and password to create your account.
  • Once you are logged in, you will be directed to the tools’ dashboard to begin your email search.
  • You will be prompted to add your phone number before your first search for security reasons. The tool will send a verification code to your phone as an SMS.
  • Once clear, you are free to perform 50 free searches, after which you will need to subscribe to a paid plan.

What is the Price of

After the first 50 free searches, you will have to subscribe monthly or annually to enjoy company email contact searches. The following are pricing categories of this tool;

  • Starter pack – the cheapest, $49 monthly for 1000 searches.
  • Growth pack – $99 per month for 5000 searches.
  • Pro pack – $199 monthly for 50,000 searches.

Paying annually instead of monthly can save you 30% of the actual price. Features

Some of the key features of this powerful sales tool include;

  • Domain search – it allows digital marketers to find domains of target business websites.
  • Email finder – it makes it possible to find email addresses of businesses and individuals by searching through their website addresses.
  • Email verifier – once you have found an email, you can use this tool to verify its credibility. This eliminates the possibility of using bouncing emails.
  • Bulk tasks – with this feature, you can verify your entire domain and email addresses simultaneously.
  • Lead management – import leads and filter based on company, website, and position.

Pros of

  • First free 50 searches.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Reliable email searching tool.
  • Easy to integrate with other applications.


  • Paid plans are an investment for sure.
  • Doesn’t allow LinkedIn integration.
  • Doesn’t allow personal email address searches.

Best Alternatives to Sales Tool

If you think doesn’t suit your needs, you can consider the following sales tool alternatives;

  • – with a $29 monthly subscription, this New York-based email finder, and verifier, has quite a few useful features.
  • ContactOut – it has LinkedIn email search capability, thus suits companies looking to boost their recruitment strategies.
  • Silk – it is a high-end email finder used by leading tech companies such as Oracle, Google, and IBM. Though pricey, it has more than 70 million contacts on its database with 95% accuracy.  It is also pricier.
  • Any Mail Finder – unlike other tools, you only pay for verified email addresses.
  • Get Email – primarily used by Shopify and Monster; the tool has powerful search abilities with four pricing packages and free tests.

There is no limit to the number of email finders available currently. While all have similar functionality, is a leading tool for various reasons. The first free 50 searches, most definitely, grabs every sales account manager’s attention, as other apps do not provide this. You will also like its ease of use and pricing options.

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