Social Warfare, Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Any business hoping to improve their online presence needs to be active on social media. Social media has had a dramatic effect on how companies market themselves. However, it takes more than just having an account to have an effective social media presence. In tandem, social media works with your existing online web presence. A plugin called Social Welfare integrates social media with your WordPress website and adds some handy features to enable your web pages to be shared on social media.

Social Warfare: What It Does

Social Warfare adds share buttons for the most popular social media sites directly on your WordPress site. Pick which social media sites you want to display (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) and modify the buttons in several ways. These buttons (floating or stationary) can have customized colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your site’s theme and a key benefit is that they work on any size screen, both desktop and smartphone.

Useful Features For This Social Share Plugin

  • Twitter Features

    Create a customized Twitter post for visitors to share an article complete with images with just a click. You can also create Tweetable quotes within articles, integrate Pinterest images, and automatically create customized Twitter Cards.

  • "Popular Post" Widget

    The Popular Post widget displays a list of the most popular blog articles based on the number of social media shares and posts that each has received in total.  It's a nice way to highlight your best content.

  • Share Counting

    Aside from each button listing the number of times an article has been shared on a platform (including Twitter) you can also customize the display. This keeps the share number hidden until the article has been shared a minimum amount of times. Share counts are also maintained if you move from HTTP to HTTPS.

  • Protects Content

    Allows you to block any changes to your share link material. This keeps people from making changes to the brand voice and messaging you're presenting on social media.

  • Build Additional Plugins

    Social Warfare is friendly to developers letting you add to it with 3rd party plugins.

  • Analytics

    Track how far your posts reach and how they perform on various social media platforms.

What Does Social Warfare Cost?

Social Warfare has two price tiers Free and Pro. The free version offers the most popular social media sites and basic features. However, it lacks the customization features, advanced data collection, and the complete list of social media sites the Pro version has. The Pro version is priced on a per year basis and its costs are based on the number of sites you use it on. Costs are as follows:

A single site is $29 per year.
Five sites are $135 per year.
Ten sites are $250 per year.

Should You Buy It?

I’d say start with the free version and explore it first.  Buy the Pro version to take advantage of its additional customization features.

Social Warfare passes the speed test by not slowing down your websites loading time. It offers many features in an easy to use format. You don’t have to be an expert developer to get the most out of it.  The buttons are attractive to visitors while also adding a very useful feature to your Wordpress website.

It also allows you access to valuable metadata to track how successful your social media posts are, see what works, and change what doesn't. With that in mind, before you go out and get it, especially if you’re going for the paid tier, you should hire a WordPress developer to make sure the installation goes smoothly and everything is set up right. 

Overall, this is my #1 recommended website social media sharing plugin right now!

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