Pinterest Marketing: A Case Study

Pinterest Marketing_ A Case Study-315Pinterest made its debut as a photo-sharing website in 2010. It's an amazing platform to use for marketing, especially when your product or services are visual. Does Pinterest marketing work?  I say it can for the right businesses! Here's my “go to” Pinterest Marketing steps.

1. Set up a Pinterest business account

Pinterest is free to use. If your intention is to market your business on Pinterest, you should have a business account.  Business accounts have access to tools not available to individuals. Current users who switch to a business account can keep all existing followers and data.

2. Create at least 10 boards with at least 10 pins each

To be successful at marketing on Pinterest or any other platform, you must understand your customers.  On Pinterest, like all digital platforms, you demonstrate your expertise by creating content your audience values.  Create at least 10 boards with at least 10 pins each to start. Feature your own content and curate content from boards with a similar target audience.

3. Create “Pinnable” images for your best content

To best leverage your marketing, use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, blog, YouTube channel or anyplace else.  Since Pinterest is a visual platform, all content should be presented with an attractive image.  To best take advantage of the images, they should include text that describes the linked content.

4. Create a “Best of Your Blog” board and make it the first board on your page.

One of the best ways to use Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website.  A “Best of Your Site” board can be an effective tool for this purpose.  The beautiful and descriptive images created in the previous step are perfect for this.  For best results, upload these images at the maximum resolution.

5. Identify Group Boards

Gathering a large number of followers takes time (unless you buy your Pinterest followers).  Rather than waiting, leverage existing Group Boards that already have a large number of followers.  A Pinterest Group Board search engine like  PinGroupie will help you find large group boards by category.  Only join boards where your content is appropriate.

6. Add Pins with New Content

Use Pinterest to highlight new content on your website, videos and other platforms.  All content should be linked with an attractive image and interesting text that clearly explains what your content is about.  This will give you a steady stream of traffic back to your website.

7. Maintenance and Optimization

Pinterest marketing is a long-term game.  Don't expect success overnight, and not every link will be popular.  For maximum impact, reevaluate your existing content periodically.  Replace the less popular content with new content or refresh the images on older content.  This gives you the best opportunity to attract traffic.

All marketing is about building relationships with your potential customers.  Like other social media platforms, Pinterest can be an effective tool to accomplish this task.

I advised, a travel blogger, on her Pinterest marketing. This is the strategy I recommended for her to showcase her travels with images of her in different destinations. There’s a personalization and authenticity through this pinning. She built trust and showcased her travel knowledge at the same time.

In her first month using these techniques, her Pinterest visitors were up 46% and sessions were up a whopping 48%.

The third month Pinterest showed a 260% improvement in sending traffic to her website. Pinterest daily pin impressions were up 873% and daily pin viewer average was up 484%. Monthly viewers were up 33% and monthly engaged viewers were up 110%.

One of the things you must keep in mind is to have a strategy to Pinterest traffic to your website before you grow your account. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to grow your Pinterest account and putting together a new course or product.

Need help with your social media strategy? Contact me … I can help.


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