Automate Elements of your Social Media Sharing with Blog2Social

Automate Elements of your Social Media Sharing with Blog2Social-315-1You put together amazing content for your blog, but all that work amounts to nothing if no one knows about your posts. Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin and web app that helps get more eyes on your content by streamlining the process of promoting your work on social media sites. While not a total replacement for actually posting and engaging, this tool can add value in helping to get some specific sharing completed.

Auto Posting

Do you remember to post updates on social media every time you post a new blog? Auto-posting automates this process, so you never have to worry about forgetting it again!  That’s valuable in itself!

Social Media Cross Sharing

Another difficulty with blog post promotion is working with all the different social media sites. Trying to juggle your login and password, putting the update into each box and publishing it takes a lot of time. Blog2Social gives you a single panel to work on all of your key social networks that allow access to your accounts remotely.

Post Formats and Customization

Since each social network has its own post format, you can customize it before it goes to the site. Add in different pictures and text lengths to optimize your promo on each social media profile.

Social Media Reporting

Blog2Social does more than just help you stay on top of your social media promotion strategy. It also gives you critical data that shows how well your posts are doing. Thus, allowing you to continue to drive engagement with your followers.

Premium Blog2Social Features

This WordPress plugin has a lot of useful features in its free version. It also offers a premium tier for people who need more advanced features.

In the premium tier, Blog2Social will pick the best times to post on social media for you. All you need to do is let the plugin schedule your posts. Then they’ll go up at the correct time to maximize engagement with your audience.

You can also set up multi-user and multi-profiles with a paid Blog2Social account. This feature is useful for small businesses that have a lot of people working on blog post updates.

This service tier also supports social media pages and groups so that you can post beyond your own profile. It also includes one year of support and updates. Therefore you have a helping hand ready to assist you to get the most out of this plugin.

Whether you want to use the free version of Blog2Social or you’re a power user that benefits from the advanced features, it’s a solid tool for your social media marketing toolbox.


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