Recent Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Social Media Updates to 6/15

Social Media and Facebook Updates for week ending 615

Social Media platforms do not remain static. They shift and evolve and as a marketer, it's important to keep up. Here are recent changes I cover from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook social media updates that have happened in the past two weeks!

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Twitter Now Filters DMs From People You Don't Know

Now your Twitter direct message inbox is more like text messages on your phone.  Messages from people you know and follow will go into your inbox. Messages from people you don't follow will go into the requests area.


It’s a nice addition to make Twitter’s interface for user-friendly.  It’s taken them far too long to get to this but it’s a nice move to help us.


Add a post, not just photos to Facebook albums

Now you can add videos, check-ins and text posts to albums. Show off your favorite collection in a "featured" album. Or follow your friend's album to get notified when they're updated. Create a collaborative album and easily add contributors.


Run an event? Add an Album for the event and let your volunteers post pics and text testimonials from the attendees. This way you'll have a wealth of info for next years event.  It’s a valuable way to capture and retain more types of content per album.  Another move by Facebook to make things “sticky” so we keep coming back!

As a side note … Facebook Messenger emoji’s have been used 2 Billion times in their first 2 months in the app! Now that’s a success!

Facebook’s AI now assists in Spanish

Facebook Messenger’s artificial intelligence assistant “M” will make recommendations in Spanish if it detects Spanish as the user's language of choice. This new feature scans the words and intent of a message, then give suggestions for Messenger’s many features, like emoji's or payment buttons. This feature is available for US users with their language set to Spanish and in Mexico.


Since most of the world doesn't use English as their native language Facebook added a translation capability to their news feed. Spanish is the language with the second most native speakers after Chinese so it's only natural that Facebook would add Spanish capabilities.  It’s just another big bonus from Facebook to “make the world a more connected place” and it shows they are not sitting still but helping marketers….remember when they help marketers they help themselves though as well because we are the ones that create ads and use AI!


Instagram Connects to Facebook Messenger

This button will redirect users to Facebook Messenger to interact with potential customers. This lets account holders to use Messenger Bots to improve the customer experience.


This is BIG!

Since most people have a Facebook Messenger mobile app it's now seamless and easy to interact with potential customers whether they're on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook Messenger also accepts payments between friends and for gaming and eCommerce. It just a small jump to selling from Instagram.  This is a huge cross-platform leap, enabling seamless movement from one social media network, Instagram, to Facebook’s Messenger.  This is the start of more to come!

Hide your Instagram photos indefinitely with the archive feature

Now everyone can hide photos on Instagram thanks to the new archive feature. The photo has to be published, at least for 1 second and then you can archive it.


Hide photos that didn't get much traction or hide photos of the ex. Use this feature as a way to store photos for the future.


Google’s smart keyboard app, Gboard adds phrase suggestions and draw-an-emoji

While this isn't a social media network update per say, Gboard does make posting to your social media network a little bit easier.


It's just cool! And makes texting and posting from your smartphone quicker and easier. It's my all time favorite keyboard with the ability to swipe to spell a word and built in gifs.

That’s a bit of the key news and tidbits that have happened recently.

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