Landscape by Sprout Social: Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

Landscape by Sprout Social- Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

74% of marketers include visuals on social media. On Twitter, posts with images get 150% more retweets! With the emphasis on visuals in social media, creating visual content is a priority.

There is an ideal image size for each social media platform. For the top platforms, the ideal image sizes for profile photos are:

  • Facebook - 180 x 180
  • Twitter - 400 x 400
  • Instagram - 110 x 110

Why would the dimensions of a profile photo be important? Profile photos are typically the first glimpse a visitor has into your brand. On most platforms, the profile picture is shown with your comments, and posts. Such high visibility means that your image needs to be high quality, well-positioned, and cropped properly.

When creating visual content, editing photos to meet these ideal images sizes can be difficult when you're marketing across several platforms with varying image standards. Cropping and editing images can be time-consuming and take the valuable time marketers could use to interact with their audience.

Sprout Social's Landscape is a great tool for cropping and resizing photos for social media.

Landscape's highlights

  1. It's free!
  2. It is simple to use.
  3. And it's quick.

Landscape by Sprout Social Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

Landscape has been designed to perform 1 task well, image resizing for social media, and it works for multiple platforms.

How to use Landscape

To crop an image, you do the following steps:

  1. Upload the image you want to resize.
  2. Select the social network it's meant for.
  3. Crop it.

Landscape gives you plenty of options for the images you want to resize. After uploading your image, you can pick multiple social media networks to resize for. You're also able to choose what kind of picture you are resizing. Cover photos, profile pics, and graphics are all supported. You can set custom sizes for images.

When it's finally time to crop the image, Landscape autocrops for you. You also have the option of positioning the frame to the dimensions you choose. Once settings have been applied, networks chosen, and images cropped, you can go back and change settings or download the picture. The images are rapidly resized, and your images are delivered in a nice .zip folder.

Although Landscape is a relatively simple, focused tool, it's incredibly useful.

Go further with Landscape

  • Keep visuals consistent across multiple platforms
  • Resize and edit stock photos
  • Create visuals with ideal sizes to be placed on blogs for easier social sharing

The next time you need to edit your images, keep Landscape by Social Sprout in mind for easy resizing. Spend less time cropping and more time marketing.


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