What are Facebook’s Audience Network Ads

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If you’re implementing a social media strategy for your business, Facebook advertising must be a part of it. It’s demographic targeting, and price points make it very attractive for a lot of businesses. It’s much cheaper than traditional advertising, and it gets your business in front of more people than organic Facebook marketing does.

There are many different ads you can create using Facebook advertising, but one of the most unique is advertising on Facebook Audience Network.

What is Facebook Audience Network?

This is how Facebook allows its advertisers to advertise off of the platform with the exact same targeting it offers on the platform. This can be remarkable for advertisers. Websites who want to generate revenue by being a part of the network, and of course, for Facebook who now has, even more, ways to offer to advertise.

There are 3 types of visual ads your business can place. A banner that shows up at the bottom of the screen. A native that appears in an article. An interstitial which takes up the full page above or below the article. You can also place Audience Network video ads that will appear throughout a video stream.

Why does Facebook Audience Network matter?

Many marketers have worried that Facebook’s news feed and in-platform advertising spaces would eventually become too saturated to be effective, or for the platform to continue to make money. Facebook’s new Audience Network allows Facebook to display their ads on external sites much like Google’s Display Network.

This is very important for Facebook, businesses, and marketers alike. They’re able to keep the same price point or cheaper sometimes on Audience Network ads. Therefore, making them that much more appealing.

Why are these ads so powerful?

This advertising can bring your cost per click down drastically. In fact, if you choose to opt out of the Audience Network Placement while placing your ad, Facebook will warn you that doing so might increase your overall cost per conversion. With more availability comes lower ad costs, and that’s a powerful thing.

Not only that, but you’re able to reach even more people. Even people who might not be regularly using Facebook or viewing the ads on Facebook. With Facebook’s incredible targeting data and demographic insights.

Facebook advertising should be an essential piece of your digital marketing strategy. If you have a limited advertising budget, test out social ads on Facebook’s Audience Network.


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