Insider Tips on Trends in Online Video with Sunny Lenarduzzi

August 6, 2015
It's raw, it's uncut! It's all about what's happening with video and livestreaming! Sunny Lenarduzzi is spectacular and informative....Mike's audio improves as the interview goes on.... It's all about informing you on the latest trends in online video today!  From YouTube to Facebook video, Instagram video to Periscope and Meerkat, we cover it. Sunny Lenarduzzi […]

Convoi App: A 2nd Business Line for your iPhone

August 4, 2015
For a lot of small business owners, entrepreneurs, or independent contractors it can be expensive to have the tools and technology to run your business. For instance, many entreprenesures end up providing their personal cell to business contacts when just getting started. This leads to a mix of personal and professional texts, voice mails, and […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns: How One Startup Ran a Wildly Successful Kickstarter Campaign

July 30, 2015
Have you thought about running Crowdfunding campaigns? Are you familiar with how they operate? Would you like to learn the Secret Sauce from a successful Kickstarter campaign? Join me as I dive into this and more in this "Part 2" Podcast episode with the founders of KOOSHOO. Jesse and Rachel, husband and wife yoga teachers […]

The Easy Way to Maintain Local Online Directories

July 28, 2015
Location-based online searches are popular among consumers using mobile devices. Local SEO has the potential to help local businesses stand out in search engines and be found by potential customers.  One vital local SEO practice involves creating and maintaining business listings on the key online directories, apps, and websites that factor most into the local […]

KOOSHOO: Ecommerce Store Grows with Feeling and Doing Good

July 23, 2015
They left their jobs in corporate America. Purchasing one-way tickets, they headed to Asia. She's from a tiny island called Norfolk, that's roughly 3 miles by 5 miles in size between New Zealand and Australia. Their backgrounds and experiences ultimately led them to start a ecommerce store called KOOSHOO, centered around the Norfolk meaning of […]

Facebook Lets People Call Businesses From News Feed Ads

July 21, 2015
Social media has become a big player in the world of advertising. Thanks to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the advertising methods of the past are being given a run for their money. In this technology-driven era, mobile apps, tablets, and laptops have taken marketing and promotion to a whole new level. […]

Facebook News Feed Personalization with "See First" Option

July 16, 2015
It's a FIRST! I recorded my podcast LIVE on Periscope! Yes, I use the Twitter tool and talked Facebook, producing my podcast in real-time video and then simply creating this post and loading the file to my podcaster service, Libsyn. I think you'll want to listen in because this is something that I think is […]

Enhance Instagram Images with these Mobile Apps

July 14, 2015
If you’re starting to use Instagram to market your business, you know the importance of creating the perfect image. Photoshop gurus can create the perfect photo but even they struggle with Instagram because they'd have to transfer their masterpiece from their computer to their mobile to upload onto Instagram. But if you don’t have the […]

Must-Have Travel Apps

July 14, 2015
  Whether for business or pleasure, travel will never be the same again with the advancements of tools for your smartphone to help you plan, share, and be informed! Here's a quick overview of a number of mobile apps you may want to add to your phone before your next trip. 1. Tripit -Free TripIt […]

Drastic Life Results with Toni Harris

July 9, 2015
How many of us would like to see some drastic life results?? Have you had some bumps and setbacks, or are you struggling to get that online business to the next level? You'll want to listen into this interview about drastic life results with Toni Harris! Toni Harris is my guest on this episode of […]

Bing Follows Google's Lead on Mobile Search

July 7, 2015
Following closely on Google’s “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update, Bing has announced its own rollout of mobile friendly ranking signals over the next few months. The short update is that both search engines are now factoring into search ranking whether a website is mobile "friendly" or not. Basically if your site is not easy to use and […]

How to Overcome Facebook Ads 20% Rule

June 30, 2015
  September 2020 update on the Facebook Ads rule! As if September 22, 2020, Facebook is removing the 20% text rule according to this information from Facebook pro Matt Navarra.  This means no more ad grid, no more fussing with removing text.  Just create and run your ad!  That's welcome Facebook ad news! Follow my […]

Ignite your Content if you want to see your Business Grow Online!

June 25, 2015
Content online has proliferated. You've heard all the tips about regular publishing of great content, creating quality images that communicate, and more. Yet everyone is doing that.  Great content is everywhere.  So how can you compete? More importantly, if you have great content, but no one sees it, is it really working for you?  What can […]

Hooks: Instant Alerts on iPhone for Everything

June 23, 2015
Notifications for Sports, TV, Stock, Weather, Movies And More Have you ever been busy or out of the office and missed an important Facebook post or tweet on Twitter for your business? Perhaps it involved a existing client, a potential great lead, or maybe it was a stock tip or even the weather forecast. Whatever […]

Video Blogging that's Savvy Sexy and Social!

June 18, 2015
Yes, I used the term "sexy" when talking about blogging, and in this case video blogging! Blogging and video blogging may not seem sexy, but Amy Schmittauer makes it so! Amy is my guest on this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast.  She's the founder and personality behind Savvy Sexy Social and leader of Vlog […]

Metrics to Measure the Success of your Website Marketing

June 16, 2015
The only way you can make progress with your online business is to keep track and measure your activities. For most small business owners, measuring sales is at the top of the monthly and quarterly agendas. However, sales are a result of the marketing strategies and processes implemented in the business, so it makes sense […]

Blogging for Business: How One Man Launched a Growing Empire

June 11, 2015
Want ideas on how to grow blog traffic? Interested in ways to generate revenue from your blog? All this and more covered in this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast with guest Ricky Shetty, The Daddy Blogger! Ricky shares his personal story of growing a business online and along the way offers specific tips that […]

YouTube Versus Facebook Video: The Right Platform for Your Brand

June 9, 2015
Video is an excellent tool for businesses to tell their brands' stories. In today's media driven society, videos are becoming more important as a tool for businesses to be using to communicate and connect with their target markets. Videos convey information in accessible ways. They create emotional connections between a business and its audience. But […]

Facebook Videos: How to Create Optimized Videos with Apps

June 5, 2015
What is currently the post type on Facebook that gets the most reach? Did you know it's video? Do you know what type of video and how to make those videos? Did you know YOU can make those videos? In this podcast episode I dive into the details of successful Facebook video creation. Listen Now: […]

Metrics to Measure the Success of your Facebook Marketing

June 2, 2015
Facebook offers businesses a lot of value in ways to market to your target customer audience. The key, however, is for businesses to measure the success of their Facebook marketing to ensure they know what is working, what isn't, and what needs adjusted. So what is a business to measure on Facebook? Of course there […]

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