How To Be A Progressive Leader

How To Be A Progressive Leader

Many people argue that leadership is a birthright; some are born to be leaders while others are more likely to follow. While there may be some truth to this saying, it is not completely accurate. Yes, to be a leader you have to have some intrinsic traits like determination and power of character, however, many other leadership qualities can be acquired and developed a.

What distinguishes a good company from a bad one is the commitment to invest in its people and give them the tools that can help them become effective leaders in the future. It is not enough to aspire to become merely a leader, you need to work towards becoming a progressive one. Progressive leaders are those who adopt new ways of thinking and challenge the old way of doing things. By deviating from the beaten road, you will forge a new path for yourself and inspire those who look up to you to find their own voice, opening new doors for bigger business opportunities. Read below to find out how you can achieve that.

Instead of Asking Why, Ask Why Not

A progressive leader is someone who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. To be one, you need to reprogram your mind to always focus on positive affirmations rather than hindering challenges. This will help you find new ways to approach traditional challenges. This method will serve you well, especially with your millennial subordinates who, according to, come with extremely different expectations and are relatively difficult to manage. By making an effort to understand how they get motivated, you can come up with your own unique managing style that’s different from the old textbook ones like authoritative, democratic, or laissez-faire. By developing your sense of experimentation and being brave enough to color outside the lines, you will be on your way to becoming a progressive leader. 

Widen Your Perspective

To be a progressive leader, you also need to be able to take a step back and look at the big picture when making an important business decision or dealing with a difficult employee. Do not just rush into doing what is right for the current situation, you have to look ten steps ahead into the future and understand the repercussions of the decision you are making today. A good progressive leader will also understand how every decision they make for their department will eventually affect the business as a whole.

In order to do that, you can ask to shadow people from different departments at your company. You will also need to increase your knowledge about the industry you are working in. So, attend seminars, conferences, and connect with other professionals on LinkedIn or any similar platform. The important thing is to never allow yourself to believe that you have it all figured out, and always maintain your thirst for learning.

Build Meaningful Relationships with Your Employees

Treating your employees as partners, not just a group of people that you are accountable for in front of your superiors, will make them see you as an inspiring leader. People want to be heard and seen as human beings and as individuals, especially within the workplace. When you, as a leader, give them this kind of attention and prove that you care about them regardless of their job title, everyone will see you in a new light as a leader who demands respect. Moreover, when you build meaningful relationships with your employees, they will be motivated in return to want to work better.

Monty Williams, NBA Coach said that: "Just for me, my leadership revolves around serving people. It's the way I thought would be effective for my personality."

Be Generous with Your Knowledge

As someone who is committed to learning, you have to make sure that you are paying it forward and doing your part in sharing the knowledge as well It is important to realize that you have a lot to offer others especially those who are just starting their careers and would appreciate some help. Build knowledge-sharing hubs within your company and invite anyone who wants to grow, even if it were someone from the security team. A progressive leader is not the same as a progressive manager, a leader has a farther reach that is not constrained by organizational structures.

Progressive leaders are the ones who can steer a company towards a complete transformation that brings about newfound success. They are the ones who dream up a vision and know exactly how to bring it to life. By focusing on the “We” instead of the “I” and caring about the success of the whole organization rather than the individual wins, you will be well on your way to becoming the progressive leader that everyone looks up to and admires.

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