Current and Future Trends in Remote Work

Current and Future Trends in Remote Work

Remote work has altered how the global workspace operates and is increasing at a rapid speed across the globe. With companies such as, also known as ACCL fueling the hype, teleconferencing, and telework technology have advanced, allowing businesses to thrive with completely remote work teams.

The Current Status of Remote Work

Remote work is growing across many sectors world over, from web development, omnichannel marketing, technical support such as CCTV installation services, newsletters writing, email marketing, translation to copywriting, among others. The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has, for instance, prompted many companies to shift their offices to remote work models.

Remote work has, in the past years, experienced many changes, with tech companies such as ACCL making their grand entrance into the industry. This has resulted in newer and better technology, such as the availability of email funnels and access control system. Companies and large facilities are realizing the need for compliance and are taking advantage of the advanced entry systems such as access control security systems and CCTV installation London.

MailChimp is the other trend companies are not taking to chance. It has landing pages, CRM and email marketing, allowing your business to grow on your terms. A good tech company can also help you to create email funnels to send out emails on a predefined schedule to employees working remotely as well as targeted consumers.

Remote Work is Here to Stay completed a study in 2019 and found that at least 99 percent of employees hoped to work remotely at some point in their careers. A different report found that about 74 percent of employees would quit their current positions if they found jobs that allowed them to work offsite.

Data now shows that the number of people working from home has risen to 173 percent over the last decade. This number has proven that telework has risen and is a trend the world is ready to embrace.

How Technology Can Help

An employer of record service like Remote can give a business owner the ability to cast a wider net during their recruitment drive. An EOR service enables a company to source its talent from overseas by routing its hiring processes through a legal business umbrella in the desired country of employment.

This avoids the traditional hassle of managing factors such as payroll, HR, or taxation, allowing companies to focus on onboarding their new acquisitions. Combined with a strong remote-working environment, this creates fertile ground for managers to build global workforces.

Video conferencing, MailChimp, access control and CCTV installation are some of the most supportive technologies for a seamless remote environment. Live videos allow real-time communication among employees and managers. This has particularly become possible due to the widespread broadband internet adoption and the availability of access control system installation.

Because of the advancement of this technology, many companies, primarily in developed countries, have done away with the traditional office setups.

With advanced technology, it has also become easy to market companies and keep the consumers updated through newsletters and social media. However, for a company to stay competitive, it must learn the basics of pleasing Google analytics to stay ahead of the curve and appear first in the search results. For a more comprehensive and seamless operation, take advantage of omnichannel marketing to give consumers a more unified experience.

Worldwide Solutions

In some parts of the world, shared office spaces have been created, allowing remote employees to gather and work together. In a computing environment, you will only need access control to determine who gets access to the environment or certain resources.

Access control security systems such as CCTV installation London may also be necessary. All you need is access to a specialized tech company for your access control system installation. Remember, the installation of all your entry systems must be done professionally to ensure your company’s details are secure.

The Future of Remote Work

Studies show that remote work software such as virtual reality conferencing, with the help of tech giants, will become a top communication model. AI may also be used to manage remote employees. Managing a remote workforce might be tough, but leveraging the right tech, installation companies, and hiring competent staff will create a seamless process.

A Global Workplace Analytics survey shows that at least 37 percent of employees would accept a 10 percent salary cut to work remotely. As an employer, you are exposed to a global workforce, which opens up a vast market with professionals from all walks of life. You will only need to create an access control system.

Rather than fight this growing trend, companies should work on improving their work policies and analyzing workforce analytics periodically. If you are concerned about the productivity of your employees who work offsite, create standard key performance indicators (KPIs) for your staff and the management and invest in access control system installation. This will allow your team to stay focused on expectations and enable you to monitor their performance.


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