How Using a CRM with Email Capabilities Can Help Your Business

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Email marketing is arguably still one, if not the, most effective channel for marketing a business and building a brand. In 2019, an average of 293.6 billion emails were sent by businesses and consumers every day. Despite this high global email traffic, only 21.8 % of the emails were opened. Additionally, only 3.3% of the emails sent received at least one click. The low open rates and click rates show that most emails do not resonate with their target audience. However, marketers can level up their email outreach efforts through effective use of CRM. To learn how using a CRM with email capabilities can deliver quality leads and help close more deals, keep reading.

Improving Customer Targeting and Segmentation

One of the most demanding tasks business marketers face is sifting through their customers' data to understand them better. Learning more about the target audience is imperative when crafting messages that will appeal, or even better, trigger a response. Fortunately, a CRM with email capabilities can help business owners analyze their mailing lists and target potentially profitable customers. By examining and understanding customer preferences, online behavior, and other personal information in the CRM. You then gain actionable insights for your outreach campaigns.

Additionally, the CRM system can help in segmenting mailing lists based on specific criteria before launching a marketing campaign. This includes location, age, gender, industry, personal interests, purchase history, and social media activity. Using CRM software makes it easier to target more receptive customers. This is a process that is often difficult to accomplish when executed manually.

Mailchimp, a popular marketing automation platform, found that business owners who segment their mailing list enjoy a 14.31% higher open rate as opposed to those running non-segmented campaigns. They also recorded less spam and abuse reports. Through segmentation, online businesses can see an improvement in marketing metrics such as click rates, sales leads, customer acquisition, business revenue, and much more.

Personalizing Your Email Outreach

Let’s face it- consumer demands are always changing in today’s digital business world. Additionally, the marketing landscape is increasingly competitive. Which calls for an approach based on relevance and personalization. CRM systems with email capabilities allow you to access personal information that can be used to tailor messages in a way that suits the customers. This makes it easier to recommend relevant products and services while shaping communication in a way that resonates with the recipient. By personalizing emails, marketing campaigns are more likely to result in stronger brand perception. As well as higher response rates, and better profit margins.

Improving Lead Nurturing

Every business owner wants well-nurtured leads. But it all starts with increasing high-quality traffic to your business website, from which you can nurture leads. Interestingly, most marketers cite lead and traffic generation as their biggest challenge. CRM solutions can be beneficial to marketers struggling with lead generation and conversion. They help you collect tons of information about prospects and leads. With this information, businesses can identify the pain points of their customers. Subsequently, they then present their offerings as the ideal solution. CRM systems also enhance the lead nurturing process using follow-up emails, thus pushing leads through the sales pipeline.

Implementing a CRM with email capabilities can help your business engage with your client base on a personal level. The right CRM tools help businesses to stay ahead of the curve by improving audience targeting, engagement, and conversion optimization. Now that you know how using CRM systems can help lay the foundation for business success. Start by picking the right solution to automate your marketing campaigns.

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