4 Key Tips for your Email Marketing

February 16, 2016
  As your business seeks to grow, one method to help is to setup an automated sales pipeline on your website that uses email.  This use of automated “drip marketing” emails is an efficient way for a business to grow leaders and nurture a prospect in the journey to becoming a customer. The key is […]

BLAB: How to Add Delight to Your Customer Experience from the Inside Out

February 11, 2016
Customer experience is more valuable than operations often realizes. Depending on the industry and the business challenge at hand, the focus can often get shifted away from the end-user to something happening within the organization. The time spent "putting out fires" in your organization might seem like time well spent, but that inward-focused attention is […]

Top 3 Tools for Online Accounting - Freshbooks, Quickbooks online and WaveApp

February 9, 2016
Accounting is one of the most important tasks businesses handle on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs, during the initial stages of the business, don't analyze what their accounting needs are. If you're not watching your business cash flow, it'll be difficult to reach your business goals. Some small business owners are overwhelmed and confused […]

4 Keys Vital for Business Website Success

February 4, 2016
Is your website setup for success this year? Are you covering the vital keys necessary for growing a strong online business website presence? Have you stopped to review your site lately? If you hesitated on ANY of these questions, this episode is for you!  I'll cover the 4 keys vital for business website success this […]

How to Create an Instagram Ad

February 2, 2016
Instagram continues to grow in users and business uses. It’s a great visual platform and many businesses are seeing the power of connecting with their ideal customer audiences on the social network. Running Instagram Ads is a great way to harness the power of this social media powerhouse to reach more of your ideal audience. […]

LinkedIn Free vs LinkedIn Premium

January 26, 2016
When people think of social media, the two platforms that come to mind first are typically Facebook and Twitter. However, in the business community, LinkedIn is the dominant social network of the professional community. Users spend an average of nearly 10 minutes per day on the social platform. Users of LinkedIn say they are 50% […]

The Why That Drives The What in Business and Life

January 21, 2016
Why do you do what you do in business? For the profits? To provide for your family/lifestyle desires? It's important to know the "why" that drives you in business. I call it "the WHY that drives the WHAT". The why must be of such substance that it drives you forward when the going gets tough. Guess what, […]

The Benefits of using LinkedIn Publisher

January 19, 2016
LinkedIn Publishing gives LinkedIn users more opportunity to build influence and reach a target audience. With LinkedIn Publisher, users can share (and prove) their knowledge and expertise and give advice while gaining an important source of professional connections. It’s basically a blogging platform within LinkedIn allowing users to reach their connections and beyond. With LinkedIn […]

Disruptive Thinking: You Need it. How to get it...

January 14, 2016
There's power in disruptive thinking! Too often we get "stuck" in small-minded, inside the box thinking in business and life. We do the same things, follow the same routines....and yet expect better results! It's "stinkin' thinkin'!"  What we often need is a way to get "out of the box". In this episode I dive into […]

Tips for Instagram Ads

January 12, 2016
Instagram has been on fire the past year and a half.  Growing crazy fast and expanding, it’s a strong social media platform and under the tutelage of parent Facebook they’ve now opened up advertising to businesses. Using Instagram ads to expand a business' social media presence is a great way to grow a brand, and […]

Integrating Marketing with Lead Capture: Waftio Intro

January 7, 2016
Is your website performing for your business? Is your website truly generating leads? More than just the website "Contact Form", is your website offering a incentive that grows your email marketing list? One of the biggest gap points on websites today is lead capture.   In this Halftime Mike podcast episode we dive into why lead capture […]

What Is AgoraPulse?

January 5, 2016
Today, there are many web-based apps on the market to help companies and individuals with social media management. While each caters to a specific aspect of social marketing, a rising star with top features for social media management is AgoraPulse. AgoraPulse covers basically everything you could possibly need for social media marketing, monitoring, and management. […]

Things To Tweet About

December 31, 2015
Wondering what to tweet about? Here's some ideas for businesses to get started: Tweet out some advice Share a quote that reflects the business's values. Post a behind-the-scenes photo of work. Tweet info on a charity that needs support. Lighten things up with a joke! Remind followers of an interesting event or date coming up. […]

Review of Asana: Task And Project Management

December 29, 2015
  Asana is a project management tool * designed to boost productivity and efficiency while eliminating unnecessary features such as a heavy reliance on communicating solely through emails. An Introduction to Asana Developed by a former Google employee (Justin Rosenstein) and a former Facebook co-founder (Dustin Moskovitz), it was originally created for use in Facebook's […]

Make Images A Part Of SEO And Social Media Strategy

December 24, 2015
Strong images are an important part of any marketing strategy. The old adage, "show, don't tell", rings doubly true in the realm of marketing strategies that are tailored towards social media platforms. Most people are visual, and images can project a feeling or message instantly. So use images to increase engagement: Optimize your images for […]

A Review of

December 24, 2015
If you're looking for an awesome way to give your images the appeal they deserve, Visme is the perfect place to go. Quickly and easily create professional looking infographics and post images yourself in a fraction of the cost of a professional designer. Visme is an online graphics tool for bloggers, businesses, and other professionals […]

How to Effectively Set and Accomplish Goals for Business and Personal Life

December 17, 2015
It's that time of year..... goal setting. You hear about you.  You likely believe in it.'s so hard to follow through! Are you regularly reaching your yearly business and personal goals? What if there was a way....a path...a process? In this episode of Halftime Mike I dive into a clear outline of a path […]

Website Lead Capture with Waftio Web Software

December 16, 2015
Is your website performing and helping generate leads? More than just the website "Contact Form", is your website offering a incentive that grows your email marketing list? One of the biggest gaps on websites today is with lead capture.  A website should be much more than just a "brochure for your business that's online."  Your […]

Business Website Tools: The Trend to Web-Based Tools

December 10, 2015
What tools is your business using today to manage things? Do you still have some software that is ONLY on a computer? Wouldn't you like to access key business information from anywhere, anytime? It's time to rethink your business website tools and adopt the trend to web-based tools! The tools have changed!  No longer do […]

An Open Letter to Donald Trump on Blocking Muslims from Entering America

December 10, 2015
Dear Donald Trump, It's just not helpful. Calling for and then standing by such an inflammatory and broad sweeping statement of "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States" is simply irresponsible. It's throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  It's plainly Islamophobic and not in the best interest of America, at all. It's […]

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